Tuesday, May 24, 2016

These Are The Days

Since becoming a mama, I tend to reflect much more than I used to.  Each night I sit and think about the day that we had.  I think about the fun things that we did, the new thing that Phayre did, or about the funny things that Sloan said.  Sometimes we have off days and I wonder if I was patient enough, was "in the moment" enough, or if I could have been better somehow?  I think most mothers do this, it's part of growing as a parent and soaking in moments with your children.

I read a statistic this week that said that 75% of the time we will spend with our children happens by the age of 12!  My heart sank when I read that.  Someday (and someday not all that far away) I won't get to spend my days with my two little besties.  They won't think I'm the coolest person ever.  They might not even want to match clothes with me!!! That might be the worst part ;).  These really are the days my friends.  The days where I get to spend all day hanging with my favorite ladies and they wouldn't want to be anywhere but with me.  The days where I can fix pretty much all of their problems and hoard their kisses.  It's such a beautiful time.

I have always wanted to be a mom and have always looked forward to having my own babies.  I love the baby stage.  Love it!  I love the neediness, the schedules, the headbands, the front pack naps.  All of it.  Wait did I say headbands?  Yep, I did and I meant it :).  As all mothers know, time is a thief.  Someone flips the fast forward switch the moment you become a mother.  This is why moms take so many photos and try to record as many moments as possible.  We're all terrified of time slipping away or missing even a single moment with our babies.

This morning we were hurrying out the door to drop Sloan off at preschool.  I was holding Phayre in one arm and the diaper bag, Sloan's lunch, and her backpack in my other arm.  I grabbed my toast off of the counter and Phayre started SCREAMING for a bite (don't mess with this girl and food).  I tried to let her take a bite on her own, but she couldn't because she only has two teeth.  I bit off a little piece and then realized I had too much stuff in my other arm to hand her the bite.  So I brought my mouth to her mouth and gave her the bite like a little bird.  I thought, "this is weird, I'm feeding you like a bird."  And then she got this huge smile on her face, bite of toast resting on her tongue, and I could totally tell she was thinking, "you are so weird mama, but thanks for the bite of toast."  It was this really ordinary moment, but it left me feeling so aware of how much she needs me.  Sometimes it's exhausting and thankless, but I really do love how much my girls need (and want) me.

Picking up Sloan from preschool is one of my favorite things to do.  Her face lights up when she see Phayre and I walk in.  She ran over to us and threw her arms around me when I got there today.  Then she planted a wet kiss on my lips and I immediately thought, "someday she'll be too cool to kiss me in front of her friends." I squeezed her so tight and made the moment last as long as it possibly could.  Like I said guys, these are the days.

Sometimes it's good to sit and reflect.  You may walk away thinking about just how blessed you really are.  I may have found a puff in my hair at the gym this morning, BUT I have the privilege of being Sloan and Phayre's mama.  I get to be their mama forever, they're all mine (and Eric's)!  

So cheers to us mamas, these are the days!



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