Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Phayre // Nine Month Update

I keep wishing and hoping and praying that time will slow down, but it just WONT!!  My little Phayre Bear is N I N E months old!  Nine!  How is that even possible if I'm pretty certain that I gave birth to her two weeks ago?  Her first birthday is fast approaching and I'm just not ready.  It makes me tear up even thinking about it.  Oh the mama emotions!!

Our little P is still as easy going and sweet as ever.  She smiles at everyone and loves meeting new people.  We get stopped everywhere we go because P is smiling and flirting with strangers (Sloan's not a huge fan of all the stranger attention!).  She rarely cries or fusses, except when it comes to food.  Girlfriend has never missed a meal... and don't you dare feed her even two minutes late!  She still won't eat baby food, but is very good at feeding herself little bites of food.  She's not too picky either, she'll eat pretty much anything I put on her tray.  She loves drinking water out of a straw and is still oh so attached to her pacifier.  She says Mama, Dada, and Baba.  I must make note that she said Mama first!!  Still thinks Sloan is the funniest and reserves most of her laughs for big sis.

P is still taking two good naps a day and sleeping through the night... well except for the last two nights #teething.  She has two teeth on the bottom and I can see two on the top pushing on her gums, just waiting for them to break through!  We just went to her nine month check up and she is a very healthy girl!  Weighing in at almost 19 pounds and 28.5 inches tall!  Her hair is dirty blonde/lightish brown and she has the biggest blue eyes!  She is rolling around, but not yet crawling.  She loves being upside down.  Often times while I'm holding her, she throws her head back so that she can be upside down.  Freaks me out as I almost drop her, but she loves it!

Phayre really is the sweetest girl and I'm so in love with her!  It's hard to imagine life before her now. I love spending my days with her and watching her with Sloan.  They're my greatest gifts and I am forever grateful!

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