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A collection of thoughts on motherhood

Eeeep it's almost Mother's Day!  Kind of the best holiday, #amiright?  I love that there is an entire day dedicated to mama.  The many hat wearing, organizer of all the things, kisser of all the boo boos, mama.  Being a mother is often selfless and thankless so having a whole day to celebrate and appreciate is pretty amazing!  I've already told you guys my two favorite parts of Mother's Day, 1) I get to sleep in and 2) I get hanging plants for our front porch.  I also love that I am able to stop and reflect on how amazing my life is because I am a mother.  I plan on spending the entire day soaking up my babies and not taking even a single moment for granted.

I asked a few (ok more like 25) of my shop owner and blogger mama friends what motherhood meant to them and it was so fun reading their responses and putting this post together.  Motherhood is by far the coolest club I have ever been a part of and I love connecting with other mamas.  I hope that you enjoy getting to know these mamas and hearing their heartfelt responses.  It is truly a beautiful collection of thoughts, I feel so honored to know such wonderful mothers.

And because you guys know I never pass up the opportunity to get sappy about my girls, I'll go first!

Motherhood is selfless, exhausting, thankless, and the reason I don’t shower all that often.  Sometimes it’s all of those things in one day, #wine.  But motherhood is also magical, fun (so so fun!), adventurous, and incredibly fulfilling.  So fulfilling that sometimes you actually feel like your heart might burst right open.  It is a type of love, unlike any other, that is unconditional, intense, and unbreakable.

Motherhood is walking through the mall in January in a nursing tank because your baby vomited on every square inch of your body (Sloan) or waking up every hour at night for two months with a refluxy baby (Phayre) and still thinking, “Oh my gosh, I can’t even stand how cute you are and how much I love you!  Please stay little forever!!!”  Some days are long, but we all know the years are short.  Some days feel like a little slice of heaven while other days we show up to the battlefields with all of our mommy weapons in tow (these weapons include, but are not limited to: iced coffee, yoga pants, messy hair full of dry shampoo, big sunglasses, and treats for bribery).  The good, the bad, the ugly... I'll take it all because I get to be Sloan and Phayre's mommy!

Motherhood has taught me how to love without abandon, to love so intensely that sometimes it actually overwhelms me (in a good way).  It has deepened my love for my husband because without him, without our love, there wouldn’t be a them.  I am forever and ever and ever grateful for my sweet blessings, my sweet little girls.  Cheers to all the mamas, raising babies and doing their bests each and every day!



Sandy Zucker // ZoZu Baby

Motherhood is exhausting, but the best kind of exhaustion there could possibly be.  It's about putting other's before yourself.  If I have to pee, it means someone else has to pee before me.  If I want a drink of water, I have two adorable little people who want my water bottle before I have a chance to drink from it.  Motherhood is about giving everything you have to your children and in return you get all of the love in the world!

Amber Massey // PB+J Babes

It is the ultimate act of unconditional love.  I am challenged and pushed to my upmost limit every single day…I am the woman that I am and the woman that I want to become because I am a mother. Motherhood kicks my butt, keeps me humble and gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment and peace compared to anything else I've ever done in my entire life- and I don’t remember what life was like before these little girls that consume my world.

The truth is, none of us are perfect and we shouldn't aspire to be. I am by no means perfect, but I am their first teacher and it is my responsibility to teach these young girls how to be a lady just by the way I carry myself through life, teaching compassion and empathy along the way. 

Life is absolutely, one hundred and fifty percent crazy- but the beauty of it all, the beauty of motherhood, is something I would never ever trade.

Erin V. // Hello Erin 

To me, being a mother means more than developing a love of wine and never peeing alone. It's more than keeping my two tiny humans alive on a daily basis (but that surely helps). To me being a mother means raising strong, confident, caring girls. It's making sure they know they're truly madly deeply loved and making sure they learn how to love truly madly deeply. It's doing the best I can on a daily basis for them- as a role model, and as their chef, boo-boo kisser, driver, personal stylist, and mama. 

Megan Birkel // Willow Crowns

To me, being a mother means that the lessons never stop. I’m either giving them or learning them constantly. First I learned how to comfort a fussy baby in the middle of the night and now I’ve learned that it’s pointless to argue with a three year old and that no matter what Band-Aids I buy, they’re wrong.

Motherhood means teaching my daughter that who she is, is exactly who she needs to be. Teaching her what it means to be kind and that sticking out your tongue will get you a time out every time. Learning that I’ll have shining parental moments and ones I’ll never tell anyone about (like that time with the diaper and the road trip…). Most importantly, it means that she and I will always be in this together. 

Jess Oakes // Positively Oakes

Motherhood means EVERYTHING to me. I longed to be a Mom for years and when it was finally my turn my world changed for the better.  It's the peace after a long day, the struggles that make me stronger and the laughs that get me through anything. I wouldn't be half the person I am without my baby girl. Being a Mom is my everything.

Marie Green // A Little Lady Shop

To me, being a mother is finding joy in the journey on days when kids are fighting, no one is listening and things just aren't going right. Being a mother is enjoying the little things all over again and again and again. It's being a nurse, teacher, chef, taxi driver, hair dresser, fashion stylist, therapist, professional cleaner, singer and dancer (and the list goes on).  Being a mother is love!  A pure love that is unexplainable. Being a mother is the absolute best and I wouldn't change anything about it!

Carmen S // The Modern Mom

My motherhood is everything I longed for as a child. It's full of unconditional and infinite love, hope, laughter, belonging, and life as a family unit.

Molly Alpert // Beck and Belle

Motherhood is messy hair, tired eyes and forgetting to brush your teeth.  When you do get around to it, you manage to brush them with Desitin.  It’s 7 cups of coffee before noon and picking up that easy McDonalds meal you SWORE you would never feed your kid.  It’s endless laundry and mismatched socks.   Dishes for days and cursing in code.  SHIT… ake mushrooms!   ASS… tronaut.  FUCK.  (Because sometimes you forget the code and then have to kick yourself when your kid decides to repeat it for the first time at preschool).  

Motherhood is challenging on an easy day.  It’s also the most wonderful and rewarding job I could have ever hoped for.  Motherhood is my greatest blessing and I wouldn’t trade the chaos for anything.

LynDee Bonner // June and Penny 

Being a mom is what makes me the happiest in the world.  For me, it is completely opposite of glamorous & picture perfect but I love my life & the way we live it as a family.  

Being a mom means you'll never get a good nights rest ever again.  You'll stress out to the brink of melt down.  You'll live in active wear or pajamas.  You'll have every intention of cooking well balanced meals.  You'll eat more fast food that you ever thought possible.  You'll never buy another wardrobe for yourself again.  Every penny you earn will go directly to bettering your children & their lives.  All of this is a sacrifice I am more than willing to make because my children bring me the worlds greatest joy.  

I am no saint, but I know I am a much better person because I am a mother.  I laugh & enjoy everyday because my girls bring me so much happiness.  We have a heap full of bad days, because being a mom is so hard, but when I lay down at night and my insomniac mom brain kicks in, I realize how blessed I am to be their mom.  Seeing my girls show compassion & kindness makes me feel like maybe I'm doing ok at this mom thing, even if we had brownies for breakfast.

Krista Horton // Top Knot Mama

To me, being a mother means unconditional love and a little squad that will always have your back! This whole motherhood gig has taught me so much about myself and it's really my favorite job of all time. There's definitely moments or days that aren't easy but every second is so worth it! Love, patience and forgiveness are three main words we live by everyday! Oh and fun, you gotta have lots and lots of fun!

Leah Davidson // Lovey Lake 

To me being a mother means, broken/sleepless nights, 5x warmed up chugging cold coffee, messy everything, boo boo kisses, giggles, exploring outdoors, and an unexplainable beautiful love.

Stephanie Traylor // Home Spun Signs

To me, being a mother means, being a caregiver, a nurturer, a cheerleader, a confidant, a supporter, a provider. My children made me into the person I was always destined to be. A Mother. They gave my life purpose. The love I have for my babies is unmatched and has continued to grow to levels unimaginable over the past years and is unconditional and will never fail or falter.

Esther Freedman // Cuteheads

Being a mom is my favorite job in the world. It's also the hardest job I've ever had. I've never loved anyone as fiercely as I do my babies and I've never felt so many emotions at once. They make me think about my life, my health, my marriage, and my goals in new ways and they don't even know it, but they challenge me to be a more understanding and more forgiving person. I feel pretty lucky that I was chosen to take care of and nurture their sweet souls.

To have a love so deep that no one can understand unless they have experienced it.  Caring more about someone else's needs above yours, no matter what.  Protecting something so precious you would give your one life, to save them.  My children are the GREATEST joys that I've EVER experienced.  They have filled me with so much Love, Joy, and Worry. They have given me the strength I didn't know I had. They are the BEST part of me and I'm Blessed to live this LIFE with them. I LOVE you Carter & Emerson

Sahnda Black // Wildwood Poppy Blog

Motherhood is chaos wrapped in immeasurable love.  It gives you the ability to love another person more than you could have ever imagined all while being completely exhausted.  An honor I wouldn't trade for anything.

Amie Turnage // Witts End Design

Defining motherhood is such a hard thing to put into words! Basically, it's nothing like I thought it would be and everything I never knew it could be. I never thought motherhood would be so selfless, exhausting and emotional. I never thought I'd have perpetually unfinished meals or give up all bathroom privacy. Yet, I also never knew it was even possible to love not one but two little guys so much that my heart feels like it could explode. I never knew I could know so much joy even while experiencing some of the hardest times of my life. Being a mommy gives me all the feels! It's not only the greatest thing and the hardest thing....It's everything. And also...bedtime is everything ;)

Karissa Attanasio // Baby Jules Boutique

Being a mom means loving in a way I never thought possible. It means I get to experience life through their eyes in a whole new magical way. It means always, no matter what, picking them above all others including myself. It means having two best friends I can share my heart with for the rest of eternity. Being a mom is my whole world.

Samantha // Hello Tiny Love

To me, being a mother means absolutely everything. I find purpose and joy in raising my two girls and am so thankful that God has blessed me with them. Some days might be long, and some nights might not be restful, but being a mother is the best job in the world.

Alex Webb // The Splendid Bow

One of my favorite talks on Motherhood starts out with some lines attributed to Victor Hugo that read: 
"She broke the bread into two fragments and gave them to her children, who ate with eagerness. 'She hath kept none for herself' grumbled the sergeant. 'Because she is not hungry' said a soldier. 'No' said the sergeant, 'because she is a mother'."

To me, being a mother has been the most rewarding and meaningful experience of my life. I have learned what it means to love unconditionally and with my whole heart. Everything that I thought I knew about life has changed--for the better. One of my greatest joys is being able to see the world through the eyes of my children--and I am lucky enough to be the one who gets to foster that creativity and excitement. 

Being a mother has also taught me more about myself and the person that I want to be than I ever thought possible. It has helped me to be more selfless but also to treat myself with love and respect so that I can be the best version of myself for my children. Motherhood has shifted my perspective on how I spend my time and the things in life that are truly important.

Miranda Gaither // Chalk Designs By Me

Being a Mother means being the best possible version of myself for these two tiny little humans. Teaching them all the right and wrong in this world and going to sleep at night knowing I'm doing something right and have been blessed beyond measure. All the feels!!!

Cammie Shill // Remie Co.

I have found that motherhood can very easily bring to light my shortcomings... But can also showcase my greatest accomplishments.

Sarah Pritchett // Bug and Brookie

Being a mother to me means putting my child's needs and wants before mine. It's exhausting and stressful, and yet, it's the greatest joy and love I have ever experienced. Their happiness truly is my happiness and that is what I live for. Being a mother, raising my children is the greatest privilege and blessing of my life. It's the hardest job I will ever love...unconditionally and forever.

Lindsey C. // Little Dude N' Dudette

If you asked me five years ago what motherhood meant to me, I would tell you how much I knew my mother loved me and that she cared for me, and did her best to raise my sister and I alone, I would tell you that being a mother, makes you a superhero. That was my only experience with motherhood, having a mother. Five years ago I met my husband and with that I met my now step son Blake, when I looked at Blake I saw half of the man I was so in love with, how could I not love this little boy? As the years grew on Blake and I have become very close, I don't call him my step son because he is my family, he is my son, and though I am not his "real mom" he gave me a gift he may not understand until he is much older. He loved me when he didn't have to, he accepted me, he made me feel special. I am grateful he has a wonderful mom whom also accepted me, and I know that is a big reason why Blake was able to. Blake also made me feel like I could be a mom, which was a doubt I carried for many years. 

Two years ago my life changed, I can best describe it as a transformation, like a caterpillar to a butterfly. In that delivery room, that very last push, I became a butterfly. A whole new purpose, an exciting yet scary adventure. Butterflies don't get time to practice flying, once they emerge, without any previous practice they fly, they just have to figure out this whole new world and perspective as they go. That transformation has you seeing everything more clear, life from that view makes so much more sense. Motherhood has been the most incredible transformation and gift I have ever known. It's shown me feelings and emotions I've never known, it's shown me strength I never knew I had. It made me love myself more than I ever had, this was something I struggled with for a long time, but here I was in this hospital room with the man of my dreams holding the child I always dreamed of. They loved me just as much as I loved them, and together, with Blake we were a family, I belonged with them and they belonged with me. 

Jessica // Mint & Burch (blog)

To me, being a mother means to provide my children with a safe haven to be nourished and loved. I want them to know that I love unconditionally, with no bounds. It means to give my children a safe place to feel vulnerable, and know that they can be whoever they would like to be- a place to go to when they feel weary and tired  from the pressure and expectations that the world puts on them. Being a mother, to me, is to love my children for who they are, who they choose to become, and to always show them warmth and unconditional love no matter how they behave so that they know in their heart that they are special, worthy and so precious.

Tanya Wonderly // Little Kate Designs

To me, being a mother means..... knowing that these times are so fleeting and your babies will be grown before you know it. Being a mom is about trying your best to live in the moment. To take it all in. "Moments are the molecules that make up eternity." - Neil A. Maxwell

Alexis Coile // Loved By Sophia Claire

Let your children know that they are worthy. Let them know their words are heard and that their thoughts aren’t unrealistic. Let them dream, let them hope, let them be little, and enjoy them wanting you for every little thing, because right now you are their everything and before you know it, they will be teenagers (or 3 year olds) telling you to leave them alone.

Whitney // Madlywish

To me, being a mother means...

no longer sweating the petty stuff.  It means living in the moment, or trying to, because sometimes a moment is all you have.  It's ok to spend a Wednesday in puke covered pjs while a little one runs her sticky fingers through your hair.  It's ok to leave the dishes in the sink because you built a fort instead.  It's ok to not worry about what everyone else in the universe might think about your parenting skills and just be you.  Because in the end, 'you' is all your babes need.  Happy Mother's Day, Mamas!

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