Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hatch Baby Rest / Night light, sound machine, and OK to wake

When Phayre was a baby I discovered Hatch Baby through their smart changing pad (an item I couldn't have lived without while I was breast feeding and struggling with supply issues!).  Hatch Baby is an amazing baby gear brand that is incredibly innovative in solving parents everyday problems and concerns.  I am always waiting to see what they will create next!

Hatch Baby recently released the Rest, a night light, sound machine, and OK to wake clock.  We've been using it in Sloan's room for the past few months and I absolutely love it (and so does Sloan!).  The machine itself is a great design, it looks nice in her room and is just the right size.  The night light actually changes color and you can control the brightness.  Sloan loves the rainbow setting!  It has several different sounds to choose from and you can control the volume.  Sloan usually sleeps in until about 8am so we haven't used the Ok to wake alarm, but I am planning on buying a Rest for P and utilizing that feature (she's been waking up earlier and earlier)!

The Rest is super easy to use and the buttons are discreetly located on the bottom.  I've told you all this, but I haven't even told you the best part!!  While you can control the machine at its base, you can also control all of it's features on the Hatch Baby Rest app.  This is what sold me on the machine!  You can control the night light color (and brightness), sound (and volume), and set or change your wake up alarm.  You can also choose different "favorites" settings and even choose when they turn on.  We have Sloan's sound and night light settings turn on at 8pm so that she knows it's bedtime.  She is such a rule follower, she's so good about seeing her Rest light turn on and getting right in her bed and ready for books.  It's almost like because we're not telling her that it's time for bed (but she has a very clear indicator), she doesn't fight it or have a hard time getting into bed.

You can learn all about the Hatch Baby Rest here, I so highly recommend this product!  It's not only an affordable baby item, but one that will be useful for years and years.  If you were to buy a night light, sound machine, and OK to wake alarm you would end up spending more than the price of a Rest.  It really is such an innovative and useful product.

I actually plan on getting two more, so that each of my babes has one in their rooms.  Phayre could definitely use all of it's features right now (especially the OK to wake indicator!) and I will use it as a night light in the baby's room during those late night nursing sessions.  It's a product that will grow with him so I feel good about adding one to his nursery.  Plus let's be honest, I love the design and think that it will look so nice on his dresser!

You can see Sloan's full room tour  here.

I partnered with Hatch Baby on this post, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

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