Monday, April 10, 2017

Road Trippin with toddlers: what to pack

Video and photos by the incredibly talented  Lindsey Wiatt Photography.

The girls haven't stopped talking about and reliving our recent Seattle trip!  Phayre will start chanting "Attle" (Seattle) at random and Sloan gets so excited.  We love getting away as a family and have a few more weekend trips coming up.  Planning and packing can be stressful, but getting away is ALWAYS worth it!  I love a quick change of scenery, I always come home feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new week.

I've had a lot of questions about packing for trips lately, so I wanted to share my packing list for quick trips.  This is my slimmed down packing list, but it's just enough to have a comfortable weekend away!  I also can fit pretty much everything for the girls into one bag which is key when road tripping.

On our most recent trip, I used the new Itzy Ritzy diaper tote insert and Ll Bean tote.  It was the perfect size for all of the girl's things!  I love that the bag was big enough to hold everything and I was able to keep all of their smaller items (like toiletries and pacifiers) in the diaper bag insert.

A few other things worth mentioning when it comes to packing for the girls...

-I always pack the girls an outfit for each day, plus one emergency outfit (I also always have something for them in my diaper bag as well so I guess technically I have two emergency outfits).
-I try to bring neutral shoes so that they go with multiple outfits.
-I bring one pair of pajamas for every two nights.  So for a weekend away, I pack one pair per girl.
-I always have travel size toiletries on hand that I can take with us when we go-no use in wasting a bunch of space with full sized toiletries.
-If you've read my "out and about with two" post, you know that I cannot live without my Uppababy Vista double stroller, I bring that baby everywhere with us.
-I love bringing our Hatch Baby Rest with us because it doubles as a sound machine and night light while we're away (this comes in handy when we're all sharing a room and I can't turn the lights on).
-I always bring my Covered Goods nursing cover with us (even though I'm not nursing) and use it on highchairs and shopping carts.  My girls have come home from a getaway and gotten sick a few too many times, I try to eliminate as many germs as possible!
-I usually pack a seperate small car bag for the girls with a few of their favorite books and toys and some snacks.  I keep that between them in the backseat.

I hope this packing list is helpful on your next adventure!



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