Thursday, January 11, 2018

Save Your Winter Lips with Carmex!

This is a sponsored post in paid partnership with Carmex.  I have used the product for years and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.  Thank you for supporting my blog, my family, and the brands we love!

I have super chapped lips all year long, but they're at their absolute worst in the cold winter months.  I remember when I was little, my lips would get so chapped and I would lick them constantly.  The licking would only make them worse and soon enough I would have red chapped skin all around my mouth.  As an adult, I have been an avid Carmex user (because I certainly can no longer pull off the red chapped skin all around my mouth look!).  The original tube is my go to, I have them everywhere-my diaper bag, my purse, car, etc.  It's super smooth and cooling, it also provides a protective barrier to help promote healing.

A few weeks ago I had major flashbacks when Sloan woke up with red chapped skin all around her mouth.  Poor girl got her mamas chapped lips and she had licked them all night.  I immediately grabbed my Carmex and put it all over her mouth and the chapped skin around her mouth.  The next time we were at Target I let her pick out her own chapstick and she chose the Carmex comfort care sugar plum stick.  It's packed with natural ingredients and contains a blend of oatmeal and cold pressed antioxidant rich seed oils.  It cleared her chapped lips and skin up so quickly!  I've gotten her a couple tubes now to keep in her school backpack and bedroom.  P chose the Carmex daily care strawberry stick which smells really yummy and has SPF 15.  She obsessively puts it on and it ends up on about 75% of her face :).

If you suffer from cold sores (which can be especially bad during the cold winter months and the hot summer months), make sure to try Carmex Cold Sore Treatment.  The cold sore treatment helps minimize the appearance and promote healing of cold sores and fever blisters.  It treats the seven symptoms of cold sores: pain, itchiness, dryness, cracking, redness, scabbing, and irritation.

Out with the sparkly princess lip glosses, in with moisturizing products that actually heal and protect!   If you suffer from dry chapped clips, make sure you pick up some Carmex.  There are several types and flavors to choose from and it's great for the whole family.

There are also some coupons on their website!

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