Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Year in Review: 2017

Happy New Year friends!!

I decided it's about time I dust off the old blog!

With a new year ahead of me, I feel so excited and hopeful.  I can't wait to see what this year has in store for my family.  2017 was SUCH an eventful year for us.  We had some of our highest highs, but also some of our lowest lows.  If I'm being honest, I am really just looking forward to a less eventful, but still full and fun 2018!  I wanted to share a quick recap of our 2017, before my tired mama brain forgets things :).

We started out the year full of joy and hope and wonder because we found out we were pregnant with our third baby!  Along with that joy came A LOT of puking.  I was so so sick during my first trimester.  So basically the first few months of the year consisted of take out, way too much tv, and piles and piles and piles of laundry.

At the end of January we told Eric's mom that we were expecting.  She was so surprised and excited for us.  We all hugged and shed a few happy tears.  We had no idea it would be our last conversation with her.  Eric's mom got sick and after an agonizing week in the hospital she passed away.  She was only 57 and truly the best grandmother I could have ever imagined for my children.  I can't even write about it now without crying... it was just so unexpected and tragic.  We miss you everyday Carrie and find peace knowing you are our angel and always watching over our family.  We love you so much!!

Shortly after Carrie passed away, we announced that we were pregnant.  Our friends and families excitement truly lifted us up in a time of such deep sorrow.  The little baby in my belly was our light, a light that shined down on us and helped us move forward and heal.

We found out that third baby was a BOY!!!

We traveled up to Seattle to visit friends.

We went to California to visit family and celebrate Sloan's fourth birthday in Disneyland!

I went on my first ever girls trip to Palm Springs.  It was like my own personal babymoon :).

Phayre turned into a toddler overnight by becoming potty trained, moving into her big girl room (with a big girl bed!), and giving up her pacifier.

Eric worked hard to close up his moms estate, which was very emotional and time consuming.  As all of that came to a close, we finally completed Briar's nursery.

We spent the summer soaking our girls in.  We filled our weekends with so many fun adventures, tons of sleepovers in our bed, and weekly trips to our favorite ice cream shop.

We went up to Seattle again and ate our way through our favorite city.

Phayre turned two!  She requested a pizza and lemonade party and that's just what she got!

After weeks and weeks of painful contractions, I made it to my induction date.  Leaving the girls and checking in was one of the most emotional and exciting moments of my life.  It was finally baby day!!!

Briar Calloway Brown was brown on August 18, 2017 at 1:50pm.  Weighing in at seven pounds six ounces, measuring 20.5 inches long, and stealing our hearts forever.  My brother and his girlfriend walking our girls in to meet their new baby brother will be a memory etched in my mind forever.

We adjusted to life with three littles!  We spent days in bed cuddling, but also got out and made the most of Eric's paternity leave.  We took our new little guy up to the mountain, the zoo, the beach, and on lots of fun outings.

We were tired.  We were overwhelmed at times.  We fought.  We forgave.  We gave ourselves and each other grace.  Through such a big transition, we hung on to each other.

Eric and I celebrated eight years of marriage!

Eric got lasik and said it was one of the best decision he ever made... outside of marrying me obviously ;).

Sloan started her last year of preschool.

We went on our first vacation as a family of five to Palm Springs.  It was the most wonderful vacation ever.  So much fun in the sun and even a little bit relaxing (as relaxing as vacation with three kids can be!).

We celebrated Halloween and Phayre declared it her favorite holiday ever (which is true because she still talks about it constantly).

Briar was dedicated at our church.

We celebrated our first friendsgiving with best friends and decided its our new tradition!  We asked our friends Kev and Liz to be Briar's Godparents at Thanksgiving dinner.  They said yes and Liz and I cried :).

We had the absolute most magical holiday season of all time.  We wrapped gifts together, decorated cookies and gingerbread houses, went to zoo lights, walked around our neighborhood at night to look at Christmas lights, and so many other fun things.  Christmas was just magic this year with our three.  Pure magic.

Like I said, it was an eventful year!  There were times or sorrow and sadness, but we walk out of 2017 feeling overwhelmingly blessed.  We had a healthy baby boy and so many fun adventures!  I'm ready for you 2018, I am so excited to see where you take us!!  

I have a feeling it's going to be a good year!  Thanks for following along babes,


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