Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mom Style: Winter

Ok guys, I know I'm not a fashion blogger and most of you don't (ok maybe none) follow me for fashion advice :).  I'm five months postpartum and still carrying around 30 extra pounds of baby weight (I gained 50 pounds total during pregnancy).  Shopping for and dressing myself isn't exactly my favorite thing in the world right now!

I have been pregnant or nursing for a good portion of the last five years.  That's a long time to share your body with other humans!  Sometimes I feel like I've lost touch with myself, that I don't have much of an identity beyond "mommy".  But!  One of my goals for this year is to make myself a priority.

I've had a really hard time dressing my postpartum body this (third) time around.  The weight just isn't falling off!  Breastfeeding doesn't seem to help me shed any weight and my milk supply is too sensitive to do any major dieting.  While I'd love to lose the baby weight and get back to my old self, I'm also very aware of the season of life that I'm in.  I won't always have babies to distract me from working out!  I'm ok losing the weight slowly and making my babes my number one priority right now (as long as I fit myself somewhere in that list of priorities!).

I've been trying to make small changes lately like washing my face before bed and waking up before my kids for some "me time".  I also recently bought some clothes that fit my postpartum body!  I can't imagine I'm the only postpartum mama that's been looking for some flattering clothes to make myself feel a bit better so I thought I'd share!

If you find yourself in a similar situation with postpartum weight, please please give yourself some grace!  It won't always be like this.  Your baby won't always need you like they do now and at some point you're going to have a lot more time for yourself.  Remember that this is a season of life where you aren't the focus, your baby is... and that's ok!  I couldn't have said those words after my first two babies, but have learned to give myself time and grace this time around :).



A few favorite things worth an extra mention... 
Jeans  /  Leggings  /  Slub knit tee  /  Basic long sleeve tee  /  Favorite tee of all time (runs a little big imo)  /  Nursing friendly sweatshirt  /  Shoes  /  Shoes  /  Favorite ever mascara (because so many of you have asked!)

My clothing picks





  1. this is timely for me. I am 3 months postpartum and still hanging on to 20 lbs. It's very discouraging and I am hoping that breastfeeding has something to do with it. I'm so relieved to not be the only one "bouncing back" right away. Thanks for your honesty.

    1. You are definitely not alone!! Hang in there mama, it will come off with time. Focus on your little one and give yourself all the grace! Xo, M

  2. Thanks for the reminder to give myself some grace. I’ve also been pregnant/nursing for the past five years. My #3 is six months old and weight loss has been super discouraging for me. Maybe I need to bite the bullet and get some new clothes instead of being depressed every time I try to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy clothes...


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