Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  This week absolutely flew by (I feel like I always say that), but I'm still super excited for the weekend!  Eric is working a half day today and we have a bunch of fun weekend plans.  It's so crazy how much we jam pack into this month and how fast the month flies by.  Christmas will be here before we know it, but I am officially done Christmas shopping!  Every present is wrapped and under our tree (woo hoo!).

I have a quick, but good Friday favorites for you guys!

Hooray Everyday pretty much made all of my shelfie dreams come true with this amazing garland!  And best news?  I am giving one away over on my Instagram (they are currently sold out!).  Head over and enter, the giveaway ends tonight!

I am a huge fan of soft and durable basics for the girls.  I recently discovered Shēdo Lane and seriously you guys, I. Am. In. Love.  The clothing is all made of bamboo and is crazy soft.  Eric felt the girls little dresses and asked if I could order him some shirts.  It's that soft!  The romper is my favorite, it has little bear ears :).

Quilt by Madly Wish.

It's no secret that we're pretty Disney obsessed, we're already planning our next Disneyland trip in the spring!  I recently found these Minnie tights and these Mickey sneakers, I bought them in the next size up so that the girls can wear them in the spring (here is a boy version of the shoe)!  Santa will be bringing the girls these Sleeping Beauty jammies (I have such an obsession with jams) along with this little Sleeping Beauty figurine toy.

So many of you have asked about the girls leopard print cardigans and they're actually really old (I bought them when I was pregnant with P!), but I found really similar ones here!  I love pairing these over solid dresses!

I found a new baby gear item that has been a real life saver, it's called the Zooby and it's by Infanttech.  It's a small stuffed animal that actually works as a home and car monitor.  We have the unicorn and I keep it in the car.  Phayre has always hated the car so it's helps me see when she's crying just to cry or if she's dropped her binky or blanket.  It also helps me fight car naps!!!  If I see her eyes getting heavy I know it's time to start singing like a mad woman to keep her awake!

I just got these running shoes, and I swear it's like walking on air.  So comfortable and cute (and under $100!).

I just got this pom beanie for myself... I had asked for it for Christmas, but decided I couldn't wait and it is so warm (and obviously way cute!).

I found a new favorite cobb salad recipe here!

I pinned a new "softest chocolate chip cookie" recipe and oh em gee they are SO good and so chewy soft.  It's definitely one worth trying!!  We made them last night and I ate wayyyyyy too many.

Have a wonderful weekend babes!!



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  1. Love be the beanie! Super cute. Great post as always xoxo


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