Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Cheer!

Well Christmas has come and gone and while I miss it already, it was truly the most magical Christmas EVER.  Experiencing holidays through your children is amazing, but there's just something extra special about Christmas!  Sloan totally got it this year and P just copied her excitement, which was so stinking cute!  I have so incredibly much to be thankful for.  2016 has been so good to us and I have a feeling 2017 has lots of good things in store for us as well!

We had a low key, but perfect Christmas Eve!  We ran a few errands and baked cookies for Santa during the day and then went to a late Christmas Eve church service.  Sloan was so cute, she got so excited when the pastor talked about the Christmas story.  I felt my heart swell just knowing that she's understanding the true meaning of Christmas.  Phayre was absolutely hilarious.  Dancing every time we stood to sing and making a break for it up the aisle's every chance she could.  She keeps me on my toes that one.

We came home and got goodies set out for Santa (milk and cookies) and his reindeer (carrots and oats).  Eric read the girls The Night Before Christmas and then we tucked their happy little hearts into bed.

Once the girls were in bed, Eric and I finished up a few things in the girls' new playroom (which was a Christmas surprise!), filled their stockings, and set out all of their Santa gifts.  I felt giddy setting everything up for them!  I'm a mom!  Like a real mom that stays up late on Christmas Eve setting up all of the Christmas magic for my kids.  It was just so fun, I really do love this time of year so much!  Eric and I drug our tired bums to bed shortly after midnight and I couldn't sleep.  I was too excited for the girls to wake up!

I woke up at 7:30 on Christmas morning and immediately woke Eric up, "BAAAAAAAABE!!! It's Christmas!!!"  He asked if the girls were up and when I told him "no" he looked really confused as to why I was waking him up.  I was just so excited!  I ran downstairs and made myself an iced coffee and made sure everything was perfect for the girls.  Shortly after 8, Phayre finally woke up.  I ran into her room the second I heard her and decided to just wake Sloan up because I couldn't wait any longer!  Sloan was so excited that it was finally Christmas morning!!

Eric and I carried the girls downstairs and Sloan immediately saw the new playroom (which used to be my office).  She ran up to the glass doors and said, "Well this is COOL!"  The girls absolutely loved their new playroom and kitchen (don't worry all of the details will be on the blog next week!).  We had to beg the girls to come out of the playroom just to open their stockings and presents!

Watching the girls open their stockings and presents was downright magical.  So magical that I didn't take one single photo!  I know, so not like me!  The girls loved all of their gifts and got SO excited every time they opened one!  Their excitement was contagious, it was so much fun for Eric and I.  It was such a perfect morning!  Sloan's favorite gifts were her Calico Critter Cottage and Elena scepter.  Phayre's favorite gifts were her baby doll and Daniel Tiger figurines.

Some family came over for brunch and the girls got to open a few more presents.  I made an eggs benedict casserole and it was a hit!  Everyone had seconds and obviously it paired perfectly with mimosas :).  (I added some diced gouda cheese to the casserole before baking, it made it extra gooey and creamy.  So good!)

We spent the rest of the day playing and cooking.  It was relaxed and happy and really just perfect.  We spent hours playing with the girls in their new playroom.  P was so worn out she begged to go to sleep right after her bath at 6:30pm (an hour and a half before her usual bedtime!).  I put P down and then snuck Sloan out for a surprise movie date.  We saw Sing and it was so darling!

I hope that you all had a very happy holiday spent with loved ones!  And holy moly it's time to get ready for New Years Eve!!  Bring it on 2017!



Sloan taking P's picture :).

See full playroom tour with links to everything here!

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