Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 was by far my most favorite Christmas ever!  It was truly magical.  We created new traditions as a family, got to see the beauty of the season through Sloan's eyes, and experienced so many firsts with our little Phayre.  I'm honestly so sad it's over already!  Sloan was so upset when we took our Christmas tree down and hasn't stopped talking about it for two days.  It was a good one for sure, I can't imagine how much better they'll be as our girls grow!

The festivities started on Christmas Eve Eve because Eric had the day off!  We baked, prepped food, and watched way too many Christmas movies.  Sloan's favorite activity was baking cookies for Santa.  At first she was terrified at the idea of Santa coming into our house, but eventually warmed up to the idea as we told her he might bring that purple puppy surprise that she'd been asking for!  I seriously don't know what I'm going to do without being able to bribe her with that purple puppy surprise for good behavior now!  Maybe tell her that the Easter bunny is watching and he won't bring her Easter basket unless she's a good girl ;-).

Christmas Eve was busy busy as we hosted both our families for dinner!  We spent the day cleaning up the house (which really means cleaning up after tornado Sloan) and getting the big meal ready. Sloan announced, "I going to be shy tonight, ok mommy?" before everyone arrived, but luckily that only lasted about the first twenty minutes of the night.  It was no time before she was telling everyone about Santa's cookies and the carrots and oats we had set out for the reindeer!  Phayre was passed around between family members while I zipped around the kitchen.  The Christmas meal turned out perfect, all centered around the most amazing turkey that Eric made.  I also made my famous mac n' cheese (remind me to share that recipe at some point!) and this stuffing recipe.  We played Christmas games and ended the night with a fabulous dessert that Eric's aunt made and an adult gift exchange.  Truly a great night with family!

Our moms and my brother came back over bright and early on Christmas morning to open gifts.  Sloan was a present monster, ripping through gifts and saying, "Anoder prezzie mommy!  Anoder one!!"  We had a blast exchanging gifts and watching Sloan's excitement as she got all the things she had asked for.  Hashtag spoiled :).

After we exchanged gifts, I made the easiest sausage, biscuit, and gravy breakfast casserole and it was seriously SO delicious!  Everyone raved over it and took seconds home with them!  Oh and of course the mimosas (and coffee) were flowing!  We spent the rest of the day playing with Sloan's new toys and lounging around the house and watching Christmas movies, it was just perfect!

We took the girls up to Mt. Hood the day after Christmas with our good friends to play in the snow, it was so much fun!!  Sloan is quite the little snow bunny!  She had a blast sledding and throwing snow balls.  As long as Phayre was warm, she was pretty happy too!

2015 has been a huge year for us and I'm a little sad to see it go.  Time is just flying by and I'm really struggling with it!  I just want to hold on to all of these little moments with my girls and try not to forget anything!  But, until next year!



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