Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Home for the Holidays with Glade® at The Home Depot

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Well.  I caved.  I decorated the house for Christmas before we had even eaten Thanksgiving dinner.  In my defense-the girls have been begggggging us to put up our tree!  And I really just wanted to and I'm a grown up so I can do stuff like that ;).

The holidays are just magical with kids.  The girls LOVED decorating our tree!  We put on Home Alone, drank hot cocoa, and crossed our fingers that Phayre didn't drop any of the glass ornaments!  She only dropped and broke one so it felt like a major success.  Once we finished decorating the tree, Sloan kept standing back and admiring our tree which is exactly what I've always done!  It was the best night and I'm so glad we didn't wait to put our tree up.  I mean we get an extra week and a half to enjoy it!

We have an artificial tree that we've had for years.  If you're a fellow Oregonian you're thinking, "Shame Marisa!! Most of the countries Christmas trees are grown in Oregon, how can you have a fake tree?!"  Well, you're not wrong.  And while I love the idea of a real Christmas trees, there is about a 0% chance I could keep a tree alive for an entire month.  Also not super down with the pine needles and bugs.  So we have a fake tree and I love pulling her out of the box each year and fluffing her big beautiful branches :).

The one thing I miss about a real Christmas tree is the amazing smell.  I solved this problem though when I found the new holiday limited edition fragrances from Glade® at The Home Depot!  The Enchanted Evergreen scent makes our entire house smell like a Christmas tree farm.  I light one three wick candle in our living room and it makes our entire main floor small amazing.  I also love the Nutcracker Delight scent, it's a delicious hazelnut and praline scent.  Both scents are available in three wick candles and PlugIn scented oil air freshness refills.

Our holiday Glade® candles are spread out around the house.  I love that the candles come in a clear glass container.  There aren't any ugly stickers or anything on the container so it looks nice displayed.  Plus they're only $4.88 so I can't stop buying them!!  And the best part?  You can order them online from homedepot.com and have them shipped right to your door!

Happy holidays friends!

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