Thursday, November 15, 2018

2018 Girls Holiday Gift Guide

HOW are we already talking about Christmas, friends?!  This year whizzed by and we're already nearing the most magical time of year!  I love looking around and planning what I'm going to get my kiddos.  Here are the things I'm loving for my own girls and a few things that we already have and love.  I hope you find something fun for your little lady here!

From left to right, top to bottom.

Legos in case.  My girls could play with these legos forever.  I love that these ones come in a case!  We also have these  lego baseplates that the girls love building on.

Bicycle with basket and baby carrier.  Sloan wants a bike for Christmas so she's getting  this bicycle in pink.  We are actually going to get the smaller size in  purple for Phayre.  The price is awesome and I know they'll freak out over the little baby carriers in the back!

Roller Skates.  My mom already got Sloan these roller skates and they might just be the cutest things I've ever seen.  She also got her  these knee and elbow pads.  I keep seeing the price creep up on the  roller skates so if you're eyeing them, grab them fast!

Unicorn helmet.  This helmet comes in a few different colors!

Caboodle.  My girls need a place to keep all of their jewelry and lip gloss so I think these will be perfect.  I plan on putting some new  Poppy Lane and Co bracelets in them for Christmas (you can always save 15% on Poppy Lane and Co bracelets with code HELLOBABYBROWN15).

Microphone.  If you only buy one thing on this gift guide, buy this  microphone!!!  All three of my kids are obsessed with it (yes, even Briar loves singing into it)!

LOL Surprise Dolls.  No secret that my girls love LOL Dolls!!  I like the  Bling series because they come with a little loop on them so you can hang them like an ornament on the Christmas tree.  You can only order three at a time so I made two separate orders and got each of my girls three.

Knitted rainbow pillow.  We've had this pillow for awhile and my girls constantly play with it when they're playing make believe.  Plus is looks super cute on their beds!

Rainbow purse.  I ordered this for Sloan, but it's pretty small so I'm going to give it to Phayre instead.

Make a unicorn face stickers.  These are so cute, I ordered them for both of my girls.

Princess puzzle in purse case.  Sloan is going to love this puzzle and I love that it comes in a cute case.  We have several Crocodile Creek puzzles and love them.

Unicorn glitter color pencils.  I always get the girls art supplies for Christmas and I know they'll really love these because they have glitter.

Sparkly cat ear headphones.  Sloan has these already and Phayre is getting some for Christmas.

Knitted rainbow beanie with pom.  I had to get these for the girls, perfect to throw in their stockings and I know they'll wear them all winter long.

Dollhouse.  This is the dollhouse that we have and I cannot recommend it enough.  My girls play with it every single day.  There is also a  modern farmhouse one available that's super cute!

Unicorn snow tube.  CANNOT wait to use this in the snow this winter!!!

Books and workbooks.  I included a few of our favorites in the links below!

If you're looking for more gifts, I found a few things for my girls at Maisonette!  I love this  doll stroller and this  kitty doll!  You can save 15% with code HELLOBABYBROWN15.

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  1. Love this! Thank you! How small would you say that rainbow purse is? I love it but don't want it to be too small for my 4 year old!


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