Friday, December 1, 2017

Girls Gift Guide // Holiday 2017

Happy December 1st!  I am so excited to share my first gift guide, one for the little ladies!  Having two girls is FUN, but it also comes with a lot of stuff.  I have recently been going through the girls rooms and their playroom and pulling out things that they don't play with anymore.  I can't wait to spoil them on Christmas, but I am being a lot more thoughtful with my gift buying this year.  I don't want a bunch of stuff that's only going to be thrown out in six months.

For Christmas this year, the girls are each getting a few "fun" toys that they've been asking for, but everything else has to either be practical (like cold weather gear or pajamas), educational (books, games, and art supplies), or something that is higher quality and that I know will be around for awhile.

From top, left to right
Baby doll accessory bag  /  Knit elephant doll  /  Doll bed  /  Sticker books  /  Today  (Today is my girls absolute favorite book!  I am giving P  this book this year)  /  Dual Microphone  /  Spirit horse toy  (my girls are obsessed with the show Spirit on Netflix) /  Magnetic blocks  /  Mr. Pencil tracing toy  (Sloan loves writing letters so this should be perfect for her) /  Sleeping bag  /  Pajamas  /  Hug time bracelet  (P is dyyyyying for a hug time bracelet) /  Snow boots  /  Ride on Frozen sleigh

Obviously my girls already have the  Frozen sleigh, but I had to add it because it is their FAVORITE toy ever and gets so much use.  And it's $100 off right now!  I decided to get Sloan the small white  doll bed because it matches her bed and she's been really into stuffed animals lately.  Phayre loves baby dolls so I got her a  doll accessory bag and a new  stroller to keep in the playroom.  And I'm already calling it, the  sleeping bags (because we do a living room campout every Friday night) and the  dual microphone will be the biggest hits with my girls on Christmas.  Ahhhh I cannot wait to see their little faces on Christmas morning!  It really is the very best time of year.

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