Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gift Guide for Baby // Holiday 2017

I always hear people say that babies are so hard to buy presents for and I always think they're crazy!  Babies are fun to shop for and they really don't need much!  A few thoughtful gifts and you can mark them off your shopping list!  I like to buy baby's things that they need like pajamas, books, rattles, and bath toys.

We are getting Briar this fun activity center and I can't wait to see him jump around in it!  I also bought him some of my favorite pajamas, a super soft fuzzy bear, and some sensory balls.

From top, left to right
Fuzzy Bear  /  Baby booties  (these are my favorite booties EVER-your baby needs them) /  Pajama  /  Personalized whale rattle  /  Rainbow stacking toy  /  Board book  /  Sensory balls  /  Bunny rattle  /  Growth chart  /  Activity center


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