Tuesday, October 17, 2017

#THEMOMBLOGCOLLECTIVE // Balancing Blogging and Motherhood

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This weeks topic is about balancing blogging and motherhood.  Now I'm going to be real honest here-this post will be short and sweet because I think balance and motherhood are kind of like oil and water.  They just don't mix and anyone who is a mother and says that her life is perfectly balanced is probably also a big fat liar :).  Or she has several nannies.  And a maid.  And a chef.  Ok you get the idea ;).

I started blogging because I really enjoyed photographing my children, sharing about and documenting our life, and connecting with other women and mothers.  It started out as this fun little space to be creative and overshare photos, but it quickly turned into something much bigger.  Now, (along with oversharing photos-because I'll never stop doing that) I work with many brands and try to schedule blog content in hopes of staying organized.

Even when I'm in a good blogging groove, I don't take blogging too seriously.  You can make pretty good money blogging, but that's not why I do it.  My blog isn't paying our mortgage each month and while I enjoy it, I am also very aware of where it fits into my life and how to prioritize it with my other responsibilities.  I am very selective about the collaborations that I take on and am careful not to take on too much at a time.  

Before having Briar I posted on my blog about twice a week.  I found this totally manageable and usually blogged during nap time and at night when the girls were in bed.  Since having Briar, my blog has been the first thing to go.  I post infrequently and can't seem to stay on any type of blogging schedule even when I take the time to make a schedule.  Sloan has recently given up naps and Phayre and Briar almost never nap at the same time so that isn't a time I can count on.  By the time they're all asleep at night I'm too exhausted to put very many sentences together so that time is usually out too.  I'm in newborn land and instead of exhausting myself even further, I'm taking this time to just soak up my babies.  So the blog is quiet for now, but I know it'll be there when I'm ready to pick things back up.

You guys are like, "I was really hoping for some sound advice and this lady clearly doesn't have her shit together..."  And you're probably right :).  When it comes to motherhood, it's all about prioritizing your time and energy because there will never be enough of you to go around.  For me, my husband and babies come first.  I will sacrifice the blog and my own wants and needs (for now) because I have babies and babies don't keep.  Our daily life is very scheduled, usually revolving around Sloan's school schedule and all of the girls activities and play dates.  Each day I map out our day in my mind and try to figure out where I can squeeze in other responsibilities (grocery shopping, prepping dinner, cleaning, etc).  Being on a schedule that everyone can count of really helps me stay organized.

Do your best and give yourself some grace.  Truly think about what your priorities are (and they may change from day to day or week to week) and do your best to check them off one by one each day.  As long as you get the most important ones checked off, you're doing an amazing job.  And sometimes, every once in awhile, just be a yes mom and have fun with your kids.  Throw your priorities and responsibilities out the window and just be.  Make memories, laugh, and really be in the moment.  

I exhaust myself daily trying to love on my kids, make it to school and activities on time, breastfeed, make meals, clean my house, etc., but I can't find the time to workout or write a blog post.  I'm in a season of life where it's just not about me and I'm ok with that.  As time goes on, I know I'll be able to find a better balance because my babies won't be babies anymore.  I'm really in no rush to get there!  As long as my husband and kids go to bed feeling loved by me each night-the rest can wait.  

I guess the message I'm trying to convey is to embrace the season of life that you're in.  If that allows more time for you and your passions, run with it!!  But if it doesn't, that's ok too!  Our lives as mothers are going to continually change, be present and find joy in every single day you spend with your family.

If you're looking for some practical tips on how I manage our days-check out this post!  



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  1. I feel like the balance board is always constantly changing based on our children's needs and ages. I guess when they are younger, they require more of your time and hence the blog has to take a smaller role in your life. Yet, they also nap more at this age.. I guess i'm not alone in constantly trying to find the balance. <3

  2. Yes girl! All the feels right here. It's such a struggle, but the real truth is...family comes first. Love this and all your heart spilled into this post. Snuggle that little bug for me please!
    _@occasionally_perfect (Heidi Jo Wells)

  3. Yes yes yes!!!! So real and genuine, and thats why we keep coming back for more!
    I feel like this with blogging too - it all depends on the season and once you start feeling the pressure "to get it right" then you lose all authenticity to your blogging and writing x

  4. YESSS! I agree with everything you've said here! It is nearly impossible to find balance as a motherhood. I can definitely relate to the struggle of growing your family and your brand. Family will always be #1! I love your openness on this topic, I definitely needed the reminder to enjoy the moments!! Thank you!


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