Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Just like a boomerang, kindness comes back around.

I am so excited to share about the new Kindness Boomerang Challenge that Mama Said Tee's has created!  I have been a long time fan of Mama Said Tee's and I adore the two owners, Colleen and Colleen (yes, they have the same name-isn't that cute!).  MST is on a mission to spread kindness and positivity like wildfire.  Their stance is that anyone and everyone can complete an act of kindness, and I agree!  The kindness boomerang challenge comes on a little card in your package when you purchase from MST.  You have 48 hours to complete the challenge and you must share it on social media.  Then you get to nominate three people to complete the challenge as well!

The girls and I received the cutest tee's and a kindness boomerang challenge card yesterday.  Our challenge was to leave a note on a mirror in a public restroom that reads: "You are beautiful".  I read the challenge aloud to Sloan and her first response was, "Mama!  I'm beautiful riiiight!!"  I assured her that yes she was indeed beautiful, but it would really nice to brighten someone else's day if we told them that they were beautiful.  She loved the idea and was totally on board, she even asked if she could help me make a sign.  We got our markers out and got right to work.  Phayre even got in on the coloring action and we all talked about why kindness is important and why we should be kind to everyone, even strangers.

Once our sign was complete, I asked Sloan where we should complete our act of kindness.  She said, "Nordstrom! Because there's always nice ladies in that bathroom."  I laughed because obviously she's my daughter, we love our Norstrom :).  And it also made me think of all the times Sloan played in the womens lounge while I nursed P (anyone else miss nursing?!).

So off to Nordstrom we went and Sloan was so giddy, it was so adorable.  She kept saying, "Mom!  People are gonna be so happy!  Soooooo happy!!"  Sloan helped me put tape on the back of our sign and I lifted her up so she could stick it on the mirror.  There was an older woman in the bathroom and after she read it, she bent down and looked at Sloan and said, "Why thank you, that's very nice of you."  Sloan got really shy and looked down, but couldn't hide her smile.

After we walked out of the bathroom, Sloan was looking at "all the fabulous dresses" and we overheard two women talking about our sign!  Sloan LIT UP.  It was the cutest and gave me the best feeling in the world.

Completing this random act of kindness was so easy and completely free.  I so highly encourage you to take on this challenge and discuss why kindness is not only important, but how incredibly easy it is to just be kind.

Now, I am passing on the torch to three of my real life friends!  Aimee, Liz, and Sara I challenge you to commit this same act of kindness (you can find more info here!).  Love you guys :).

Definitely check out Mama Said Tee's and their incredible mission, I promise you'll feel inspired.  You might even feel a little better about this very complex world that we live in.



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