Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Oh heeeyyyyyyyy party people!!  It's FRIYAY!!  I am so ready for the weekend.  I can't wait to spend quality time as a family and hit up the pumpkin patch!  I'm going to be totally honest... I was in a bit of a funk this past week.  The weather sucked, Sloan skipped nap THREE days in a row, and Eric worked late every single night this week.  It was just a meh week, but I'm determined to have an awesome weekend!  So bring on all the cocktails and pumpkins and family cuddle sessions.

I love sharing Friday favorites and I have some good ones this week!  You all know how much I love shopping small.  I love connecting with handmade and small shop owners, there's something special about wearing or using an item and knowing that there's a hardworking mama or family behind it.  While I have several favorite shops, I thought I'd share a few that I'm majorly crushing on right now!

The girls have been living in their Plain Jane nightgowns.  Sloan calls them her "neverland" dresses she things they look like Wendy's nightgown in Peter Pan.  I bought all three of us the gray striped dresses and I'm officially obsessed with tripleting.  The olive is next on my list for triplet dresses and the girls definitely need the blush floral dresses as well!

One of new favorite basic shops is The Little Spoons.  While I love all of their pieces, the play dresses and rompers are to die for.  They are so soft and cozy, I want one in every color for each of the girls!  P wore her berry romper twice this week!

If you've been following me for a long time, you know about my love affair with Fancy Free Finery.  You guys, it kills me that I can't buy every color!!  They're so good!

Now one for the mama's!  You know I love a good graphic mama tee and this "Mama, Wifey, Coffee for Lifey" from Ford + Wyatt is my current fave!

You guys, it's flannel season again!!  I am so excited to take out my cozy flannel shirts (and maybe buy a few new ones, like this boyfriend flannel shirt!).  I also just bought this knit pullover and I definitely need it in a few more colors (I got it in the olive stripe).

If you missed me raving about this pumpkin candle and you haven't ordered one, your life is simply not complete.  This candle makes our entire downstairs smell like pumpkin and I can't get enough of it.  Plus it is lasting forever!

Are you following me on Pinterest (if not you should be ;))?  Sloan and I made the most incredible greek yogurt apple muffins (that were actually pretty healthy for a muffin) this week.  We'll definitely be making them again this fall!  Find the recipe under my "good eats" board!

We are about ALL things Halloween right now.  I can't wait to try these watercolor spider webs with Sloan.  I also want to try these Halloween pretzels!

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I hope you babes have an awesome weekend!  Cheers (with coffee right now, but with wine later)!



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