Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Our Weekend Getaway to Seattle

Remember when I used to blog regularly and document our life?  No?  It's been awhile, I don't blame you for forgetting ;).  I really do miss documenting our adventures and want to get back to it.  Maybe that will be one of my New Year's resolutions?!

We just got home from a quick weekend getaway up to our favorite city and it is definitely worth documenting!  I love visiting Seattle, it's so nostalgic and brings me back to when our Sloany girl was a tiny baby.  Feels like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time.

We walked all around the city and visited our old building and favorite shops.  Sloan loved seeing all of the places we used to taker her to when she was a baby, it was really cute!  Of course we made a stop at the public market, gum wall, and Starbucks.  The kids absolutely loved the public market.  Fresh flowers, trinkets, and mini donuts aren't hard to love though ;).

We stayed at the Hyatt at Olive 8 and it was the perfect home away from home.  Our room was so clean and spacious with the most amazing views.  The hotel has a super yummy restaurant called Urbane and a cute little coffee shop in the lobby.  Our kids loved the indoor pool and cannot wait to go back and visit!  If you're visiting Seattle for the first time, I highly recommend the Hyatt at Olive 8.  The location was so central to everything downtown!

We ended our weekend at Enchant and it was. pure. magic.  There was a Christmas light maze where we found all of Santa's reindeer, ice skating, hot cocoa, and we even got to see Santa!  The kids had SO much fun and Eric and I loved seeing how magical it all was for them.  We will definitely be adding this to our Christmastime traditions!

If you're visiting Enchant, here are a few tips:

1. If you can swing it, get the VIP tickets.  We got there right when they opened and the line for general admission was around the block.  We were able to walk right in and went straight to dinner.  After dinner, we got to walk right into the event.  No lines at all!

2. If you do not get the VIP tickets, get there early.  People were lining up way before the event started.  If you don't get the VIP tickets, you'll still have a great time and get to enjoy all of the magic!  I just really appreciated that it cut down on the lines so much :).

3. If you want to ice skate, do it first (before the Christmas light maze).  The line for ice skating got pretty long as the night went on.

4. Make sure you see Santa, he was the nicest and jolliest Santa ever!  We got right in to see him because we had the VIP tickets.

5. Wear super warm clothing!!  The event is not heated, so it'll pretty much be the same temp as it is outside hats and gloves are a must!

6. Enchant is great for people of all ages!!  Briar is only 15 months and had an absolute blast.  He loved all of the Christmas lights and watching the ice skaters go by.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday season!!  We've been crazy busy, but doing so many fun things that I can't complain.  Next up is zoo lights and then DISNEYLAND!!!  Our kids don't know we're going so I am beyond excited to surprise them!!!




  1. Hi!! Thanks for sharing, I’m trying to decide if we should go as a date night or take my 13 month old..
    Did you go on a weekend day?
    We’re there strollers? And did you bring one for your little guy?

    Thanks!! Love all your posts!

  2. So much fun! We're going next weekend! Thanks for the tips! And I'd love to sources on a few of the girls outfits, the skirts and tights especially. Thanks for sharing mama!


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