Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Gift Guide: Five Year Old Girl

I can't even believe my sweet Sloan Eloise is F I V E.  Five seems SO big.  Such a kid and not a toddler at all anymore.  Mine and Sloan's birthdays are only three days apart and we were lucky enough to be on vacation for our birthdays this year!  Instead of a big party, Sloany got to spend her special day at the happiest place on earth (Disneyland!).  It was a perfect day from start to finish and I seriously wish we could go back and do it all over again!

I got lot's of questions about what we were getting Sloan for her birthday, so I thought I'd share a quick gift guide.  All Sloan wanted for her birthday was LOL Surprise Dolls.  You guys-I fought these dolls so hard.  I couldn't believe the price and how hard they are to find!!  I actually had to have my best friend buy them and send them to me because my Target never ever has them in stock.  I have to say though, I'm glad I finally gave in and bought her some.  Sloan will sit and play with LOL dolls forever by herself.  She thinks they're so cute and loves playing "family" with them.  I also just found them online (woo hoo!) so Sloan can earn more with her sticker charts (I've heard the ones on Amazon are fake?! Not sure if that's true, but I wasn't willing to chance it.)!

We got Sloan a few LOL dolls, a camera (and film), headphones (she got these early so that she could use them on the plane), and a pair of shoes she had been asking for.  She loved everything so much, which felt like a major win!  I shared links to everything below along with a few other things that Sloan has been loving recently!

Letter tracing book (Sloan loves tracing books and this is the current one she's working on.)
Lola Dutch (One of my girls current favorite books!)
Kitty cat headphones (These were a major hit!  Thanks @ashwisdom for showing me these!)
Dollhouse (We don't have this dollhouse yet, but I plan on getting it for Sloan eventually.  I love that it's small enough to be folded up and put away, but the perfect size for her to play "family" with her LOL dolls in!)
Camera (By far her FAVORITE gift and so so perfect to take on vacation!  She used  this film and  this case with the camera.  I plan on getting her a scrapbook so she can keep track of all of her pictures.  See a few of her snaps below!).
Magnetic dress up game (We also just got Sloan a  Lite Brite and she's obsessed with it.)
Unicorn lipgloss (Remember the unicorn lipgloss I linked in my Easter basket post?  These ones are even cuter, my girls love them!)
Fuzzy pink shoes (Sloan has wanted these forever and I finally got her a pair.  They run SUPER small-she just started fitting into a size 8 and the size 10 in this shoe fits her perfectly.).
Knitted unicorn doll (Both my girls have this doll and adore it!)

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