Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favorites!

It's been a loooooong time since I've done a Friday Favorites!  But it's Friday, I've got a fresh iced coffee, and all three of my kids are snoozing (woo hoo!!!).  So I thought it would be fun to share some things I've been loving lately!

If you missed my stories last week, I wanted to share about the Beauty Counter products I've been loving!  I don't sell Beauty Counter, I just really really love their products.  I love that their products are safe for my family and I to use, I so highly recommend them.  And don't forget, you have until March 31st to take advantage of the free lip gloss or lip stick deal (if you spend $100 using this link, you'll get a free lip stick or lip gloss! I recommend the bare shimmer lip gloss!).  I am obsessed with the countermatch collection, the moisture lotion and eye cream are my favorites.  I also love the plumping oil, amazing for fine lines (I use it around my eyes!).  The nourishing cream cleanser (face wash) is the best at taking makeup off, especially mascara.  If you're looking for body wash or lotion, I love the citrus mimosa scent.  I also love their baby line and really want to try the kids line.  And I know I've said it like 100 times, but I love the bare shimmer lip gloss!  It's the perfect neutral with just a little shimmer, and it's actually hydrating for my lips.

I've started buying the kids some spring clothes and wanted to share my favorite finds!  I got Sloan this pink seersucker dress and got P the matching ruffle tank and shorts.  They're even cuter in person!  I also got them both these cutie pink sunglasses.  You can save 25% on everything with code GOLD.

I got Briar these adorable cotton overalls and this two pack of pajamas (they're on sale!).  I also snagged myself this eyelet top while I was there and I looooooove it.
Sloan had spring pictures at school last week and I am IN LOVE with the floral dress that she wore!  The quality is great and I love the little buttons down the front.  And it's only EIGHT DOLLARS right now (it is reduced to $8 after you add it to your cart!).  You need it.  I mean your daughter needs it.

It's Anthro day so you can grab your favorites for 20% off right now!  If you don't already have these juice glasses, get them!! I drink everything in them (even wine!).  I also love this bowl and the girls have been loving this book lately!

We're getting ready for another spring Disneyland trip so I'm really excited about the Disney Zozu Baby bows being released later this month.  I also just ordered the girls these Minnie shoes (P's size was over 50% off!).

Did you guys hear that Polly Pockets are coming back this summer?!  Moms who grew up in the 90's are cheersing their rosé everywhere over this one :).  Read more about it here!

If you're looking for Easter basket ideas, I posted some for girls here and babies here!

Trying these cheddar and sausage zucchini boats this weekend and I hope they're good!!

That's it for today babes, have a great weekend!



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