Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Faves

It's already the weekend again!  I swear the weeks zoom by faster and faster!  No complaints here though, I can't wait to have daddy home and to snuggle my babies all weekend.  We have a birthday party, a few home projects, and Christmas decorations to put up!  Oh and our little Briar is being dedicated at church on Sunday, I'm super excited about that!

So many of you guys asked about the girls green jackets with fur hoods, so I thought I'd link them here.  They're so cute and really reasonable for the quality.

We are going to pull out a few Christmas decorations this weekend and I CANNOT WAIT!!!  Eric is going to try and get lights on the house and Sloan is so excited to decorate the playroom Christmas tree!  We got the girls a rose gold tinsel tree last year and it's available again this year!  If you're on the fence about this tree, just get it-I promise you'll love it!

If you see me post about these juice glasses twelve more times in the next month, it's just because I really want them for Christmas (HINT HINT ERIC ;)).  I'm obsessed, they're so cute!

And speaking of gifts for mom, I love these fuzzy slippers (plus I think they'd make a great gift for friends, sisters, cousins, etc).

I posted earlier this week on my Instagram stories about a company called Brightbox.  They are these little $5 gifts you can send to your loved ones (think small gifts like candles, bath bombs, candies, and more).  I definitely plan on sending a few of those to friends this holiday season.  If you haven't seen them yet, check them out!

Has anyone seen the trailer for The Star?  It seriously looks like such a sweet and festive movie, I cannot wait to take my girls!

If you're hosting Thanksgiving and need a garland, this pie one is way too cute.

I think I'm going to try this corn pudding recipe on Thanksgiving, it looks yummy and I want to try something new!

Speaking of food, did you see my toddler eats post?  If you have little ones, make sure you check it out!

I hope you babes have a wonderful weekend!



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