Monday, June 19, 2017

The ULTIMATE Baby Registry Guide

As a seasoned mom of (almost!) three, I have seen my fair share of baby gear.  I get asked all the time about which brands and items are my favorite and I love sharing.  Baby gear can be overwhelming!  There is a lot to choose from and it can be hard to know exactly what you'll need.

I remember when I was pregnant with Sloan and Eric and I walked through a big baby store registering for all the tiny things.  I wanted to take my time, reading about every item, and carefully deciding which item was the best and would suit our needs.  After the first section of items Eric was over it.  He wanted to hurry things along which frustrated me.  We made it through about half the store before deciding we needed to finish on another day.  Selecting items for your baby can be stressful!!  The lists of what you "need" are endless, there's too many items to choose from, and on top of it all a lot of baby gear items are pretty spendy!!

So.  In hopes of helping another frustrated or overwhelmed couple, I present you with the ultimate baby registry!  These are all of the items that we've actually needed and used with each of our babies. I've also included which brands and specific items we've used and loved.

Baby Gear
-Carseat.  We have the Cybex Cloud Q infant carseat.
-Stroller.  We have and love the Uppababy Vista.  We also have the rumble seat and glider board so that all three of our kiddos can be carted around :).
-Baby seat.
-Rocker and/or swing.
-Baby Carrier.  I love the Solly wrap when they're really tiny and the Ergo 360 when they're bigger than a newborn.  You can use the Ergo when they're a newborn, just make sure you get an infant insert!
-Pack n' play/play yard.   
-Owlet Care monitor.
-Dockatot (especially great if you're co-sleeping, but also great for baby to use in their crib).  We've used the deluxe and the grand and my kids have loved sleeping in and lounging in them.
-Diaper bag.  My favorites are my Fawn Design bag and my Honest Company diaper bag.

-Crib mattress.
-Changing table/dresser.
-Changing pad.
-Glider and ottoman.
-Bedding.  I went with custom bedding from Madly Wish and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

-Bottles (6-8).  We love the Comotomo bottles, I highly recommend them.  I suggest not opening and washing all of your bottles until after baby comes.  Baby's can be finicky with bottles and you want to make sure that they like the ones that you choose.
-Bottle drying rack.  I love the Boon lawn and suggest getting the twig accessory.  Even if your baby doesn't end up bottle feeding, you will use this item often.  We've used ours for bottles, breast pump parts, sippy cups, pacifiers, and much more.  You definitely need one!
-Bottle brush and baby safe dish soap.  We love dapple dish soap.
-Highchair.  My favorite is the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair with the baby seat accessory.  It is so easy to clean!
-Burp cloths.  My favorite ever are from Witts End Design.
-Breast Pump (if you plan on breast feeding).  I highly recommend the Medela freestyle hands free double electric breast pump.
-Breast pump accessories.  You'll need storage bags, nipple cream, breast pads, soft shells for sore nipples (these really come in handy those first few weeks when nursing can be painful).
-Nursing pillow.  I have tried a few different nursing pillows and always go back to my boppy (it has so many purposes, I promise you need one!!).
-Nursing cover.

Bath and Diapering
Diapers & wipes.  Once you've decided which brand you'll be using (we use the Honest brand), register for a variety of diaper sizes.
Diaper rash cream.
Diaper pail & liners.  We have the Dekor diaper pail and really like it.
Baby bath.  We love the angelcare bath seat.  It doesn't take up much space and is especially useful if baby bathes with siblings.  It's also so lightweight and can be used with even teeny tiny babies.
Hooded towels (2-3).
Washclothes (8-10).
Baby's toiletries.  You'll need a shampoo/wash and lotion.

Health and Safety
-Baby monitor. 
-Sound machine and nightlight.  We use the Hatch Baby Rest for both and love it.
-Nail clippers.
-Nail aspirator.
-Gripe Water.

Comfort Items
-Boppy.  I know I already mentioned this one, but you really do need one for several purposes (I actually have two, one for upstairs and one for downstairs).
-Pacifiers and pacifier clips.  Our favorite pacifier clips are from Loved By Sophia Claire.
-Swaddle blankets.  My favorites are from Aden and Anais, Max and Moose, and KB Cute Designs. I also highly highly recommend getting a few Halo sleep sacks.

I personally never registered for clothing.  This was something I wanted to get on my own and even if you don't register for clothing, people will buy it for you anyways!  Everyone loves picking out tiny baby clothes :).  Just make sure you have a few onesies (side snap onesies are my favorite), gowns, and mittens (I love the goumikids mittens) for those first few weeks.



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