Thursday, September 6, 2018

First Day of Kindergarten & Preschool

My big girls are both in school now!!!  I swear they were both babies just weeks ago, so it's very confusing dropping them off for big girl school!  Sloan had a half day of kindergarten and is already begging to go back. She goes back tomorrow for a few hours and then starts full time on Monday.  I cannot believe my biggest girl will be in school five full days a week, but I am so thankful she loves school so much and is so excited to go!  Phayre Bear had her preschool meet and greet yesterday and loved it.  She begged us to leave and let her stay, just like I had predicted.  She happily pranced right into her class this morning, gave me the biggest hug, and then got right to playing.  I am so proud of my girls (but goodness do I miss them when they're away)!!

Not only have the girls both started school, but they've also started all of their activities this week too!  It's been such a busy week with lots of changes and transitions. I'm doing my best to get us on a new schedule and figure out which routines work for us, but I'll be totally honest and admit its been super overwhelming.  I'm not the best with change and all of these changes have made for an emotional week!  I know in a few weeks this will feel like our new normal though and I'm really looking forward to that.  Bless you Briar for going with the flow and tagging along on all of your sisters adventures!!

Sloan loves school and I love how eager she is to make new friends and learn!  Phayre is just happy to finally be in school like her big sister and can't stop talking about how many baby dolls and doll strollers her preschool has :).  I asked each of the girls a few questions before their first days and I loved their responses so much!

What grade are you going into? Kindergarten!!!
How old are you? Five!
What are you excited to do at school? Eat lunch in the cafeteria and go to recess with my friends.
What's something your teacher should know about you? I'm really good at art and writing letters.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A cheerleader and a kids lead at church, with a walkie talkie.  
What's your favorite color? Dark pink and neon pink.
What's your favorite food? S'mores.
What do you love mostest? Our baby. (Briar)
Will you miss mama? Yesssss, but I'm coming back home mama!!

What grade are you going into? pweeeeschool!
How old are you? sreeee (three)
What are you excited to do at school? Play with baby dolls!
What's something your teacher should know about you? I'm Phayre Bear.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A mommy, like you mama.
What's your favorite color? Purple!
What's your favorite food? Chicken!
What do you love mostest? Baby dolls!
Will you miss mama? Yes mama. (and hugged me :))

Go get em my sweet girls!  Mama loves you!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

ONE PRICKLY PAIR // A Twin Baby Shower

Last weekend I got to help host a shower for my dear friend Juliann and her twin girls due this November.  Juls actually has two daughters (5 and 3) so she's about to have her own little girl gang!  There were six of us that made this shower come to life and I was so happy with how everything came together.  We went with a "One Prickly Pair" theme, which might be the cutest twin shower theme of all time!

I was in charge of the dessert table and making Spanish rice, two things I love to make.  I called on two of my party shop go-to's, Modern Birch Co. and Pearl and Jane for decor and was so happy with how it turned out.  All of the banners are from Pearl and Jane and the custom wood cake toppers are from Modern Birch Co.  I used the same pallets and table from the kids recent Camp Brown birthday party, but added a fun colorful blanket (that I bought in Mexico probably ten years ago-love when old things that I've hung onto come in handy!).  I made another balloon garland (they're SO easy) using this balloon strip.

Isn't Juliann glowing!!! She looked so beautiful! 

Juliann's mother in law, Jodie, made the most uhmazing prickly pear jalapeño margaritas!!

Jojo's Prickly Pear Jalapeño Margs
two cups clear tequila
one cup lime juice
one cup  prickly pear mix
sliced jalapeños to taste

Put everything in a pitcher and mix well.  Serve over ice with lime wedges!

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