Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Phayre Smashes a Cake!

When you turn one, you should get to smash a cake!  It's like a right of passage into becoming a toddler.  And now that I say that, I regret letting her smash a cake because #pleasebeababyforever.  Anyways, Phayre LOVED smashing her cake!  Although she didn't really smash it, she destroyed it.  I laughed when I got the photos back from Lindsey Wiatt Photography because she looks so sweet and dainty in the photos.  Baby sister was anything but dainty, she went to town eating her cake!  It was so fun and I'm so glad we documented it.

I wanted P's cake smash to be really simple and natural.  I ordered a simple white cake with whip cream frosting from our local grocery store (it was only $6.99!).  I put some simple greenery on the front of the cake and it was perfect!  P wore a simple white dress and my sweet friend Megan made her the most beautiful flower crown!  (P's dress sold out, but this dress is almost identical and it's under $20)

I still cannot believe that Phayre is turning one in just a few days.  I have dreaded her first birthday so much and wanted so much for her to just stay a baby, but oh boy it has been fun celebrating her!  And we haven't even celebrated her actual birthday yet!

Welcome to the world of sweets my littlest love!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Flamingesta! // Phayre Golda Turns One!

We are just days away from our little P's first birthday!  Last weekend we got to celebrate her with friends and family in a backyard Flamingesta!  Just in case you're wondering, a Flamingesta is a cross between a flamingle (a flamingo party) and a fiesta (an excuse to eat tacos and drink margaritas)!  The girls love flamingos, Eric loves tacos, and you know mama loves a good margarita so a Flamingesta was the only way to go ;).

I know I already shared this photo on Instagram, but it's just too good not to share again!  Thank you  Lindsey Wiatt Photography for being the bomb and putting up with my crazy ideas!

Phayre was spoiled with SO much love (and presents) at her party!  So many friends and family members came out to celebrate our girl.  There were like eight bazillion toddlers and babies running through the house which was pretty chaotic, but wow did we feel so loved!  It was perfect day for our perfect girl!

Let's start with the important stuff: Phayre's outfits, duh!  And yes I said outfitS with an S on the end. Because what kind of mother would I be if I only chose one outfit for my daughters first birthday party ;).  P wore the sweetest embroidered dress that was absolutely perfect for her party.  My friend Sandy from Zozu Baby made her a custom bow to match (thank you Sandy, you're the best!).  I had picked out shoes, but since it was in our backyard I ditched the shoes (plus P really does hate shoes-I know sometimes I wonder if she really is my daughter?  I mean who hates shoes?!).  After P covered herself in cake, we changed her into a sparkly birthday crown from Presh Toast Crowns, my favorite tutu ever from Trevi Ave, and a sparkly "one" onesie from Olive and Birdie.  The "one" onesie is the same onesie that Sloan wore on her first birthday so it felt so special to see Phayre wearing it!  And I may have put a photo of Sloan from her first birthday at the very bottom of this post!  Because it's just fun to compare your babes at the same ages :).  <The dress that P wore is sold out and I'm on the hunt for something similar.  Will update here if I find something!>

I thought the phrase "Taco 'bout a party" was so appropriate for a Flamingesta so I asked my friend Hana from Hooray Everyday to make me a custom banner and boy did she deliver!  She added little flamingos and colorful felt balls to the ends and a special cactus and flamingo banner to match.  So cute!  They went perfectly with our custom tissue tassel garland from Fancy Face Studio.  If you've seen our master bedroom update, you know how much I LOVE Fancy Face Studio, they make the highest quality tassel garlands and offer every color imaginable.  Plus tassel garlands are just super fun!

If there was one thing we did right at Phayre's party it was the food.  The taco bar was perfect!  Eric made our favorite pulled pork recipe and then we tried a new carne asada recipe and Oh M Gee they were delicious.  We stocked the table with every taco fixing you could imagine and then made sure everyone was extra full by stuffing with them chips, salsa, and homemade guacamole.  My mother in law made the most amazing chili lime sweet corn salad and a special mexican rice dish, both were uhmazing and devoured.

You can't eat tacos without a margarita in your other hand, so obviously we had a margarita bar (and also because what first birthday party doesn't have a margarita bar?!  Just kidding, try not to judge us ;)).  Eric built the cutest margarita bar and then white washed it.  I made a party hat banner using photos of Phayre's face (tutorial coming later this week)  and then added the sparkliest custom "Phayre" banner from Pearl and Jane.  I love the custom Phayre banner because I'm going to use it in her room now that the party is over.

I ordered simple white cakes from my local grocery store (it was under $20 for both cakes!), a large one for guests and a small smash cake for Phayre.  On Phayre's cake I put a glittery "1" and little flamingo figurine.  On the larger cake I stuck some fresh pink roses in and then surrounded them by the cutest flock of flamingos ever!  I got the flamingos and sparkly custom "Phayre" topper from My Pretty Lil Party and they were seriously so perfect!

We all know P loves food, so it's no surprise that baby girl went to town during her cake smash!  She had no time to use her hands and instead just bent over and shoved her face in it.  It was hilarious and so cute, probably my favorite moment of the night!  I taped a simple gold glittery "ONE" banner (also from Pearl and Jane) to the front of her highchair and it looked so darling.  Every first birthday cake smasher should have that banner on their highchair!  And speaking of P's highchair, we just got this sleek white one from The Baby Cubby and I'm pretty obsessed!  I'll be sharing lots more about it next week.

My very sweet friend Lindsey captured these gems as well!  Sparkling 1 candle.

I made a super simple ring toss game using flamingos and sand in pots.  It was a really cute game and now I get to put the flamingos in my yard!  For favors, we gave little blow up flamingo floats stuffed with a maraca, play dough, and fruit snack.  Sweet and simple!

If you saw Sloan's third birthday party, then you know I'm already obsessed with the yearly chalkboards from Chalk Designs By Me.  I'm serious guys, it is so fun writing things about your child on these and party guests love to read them.  I so highly recommend these!

Phayre had a blast at her first birthday and she was surrounded by so much love.  I still cannot believe she'll be one in just a few days, but oh boy has it been fun celebrating her!

We love you sweet Phayre Golda Brown, happy birthday our precious girl!

As promised, a picture of Sloan from her first birthday wearing the same "one" onesie!



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