Friday, August 25, 2017

Briar Calloway Brown // Fresh 48 Hospital Photos

Our sweet Briar is already a week old!   Time is flying by faster than ever and I find myself desperately trying to soak in and document this time.

I went in on Thursday evening to start my induction, in hopes of meeting our boy the next morning.  I was progressing quickly and we all thought we'd meet our boy early Friday morning!  Briar was comfortable right where he was though and took his sweet time.  My labor and delivery took much longer than any of us anticipated which left me more exhausted than I've probably ever been.

My very sweet friend Lindsey (of Lindsey Wiatt Photography) came to visit us Friday evening and snapped the first pics of us as a family of five.  I hadn't yet showered and still had wobbly legs from my epidural.  Even though I had just given birth and was so so puffy and tired, I am so so thankful we have these photos!!  Briar was about four hours old and the girls were beaming the excitement at the arrival of their new brother.  I will share Briar's entire birth story next week, but for now I'll share these very special photos!

A part of me still can't believe he's really here!  I am just so thankful he is healthy and perfect and we get to keep him forever!  We love you baby B, what did we ever do without you?!

Thank you Lindsey Wiatt Photography for these amazing photos, I will treasure them forever and ever.  If you're in the Portland, OR area please look her up (she's the best)!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Big Sister Gifts

Happy Birthday eve to our little guy!  We head in tonight to start our induction so that we can meet our son TOMORROW (eeeeeeep!!!).  I have been busy all week preparing for my tiny boyfriend-well I guess I should say I've been keeping myself busy all week so that I don't just sit around thinking about the fact that I'm stilllll pregnant and so dang uncomfortable.

The girls are over the moon excited to meet their baby brother.  They've been asking for months when he'll finally be here and the anticipation in the last week has been a real killer!  It's so fun having an older toddler/kid (what do you call a four year old?!) that really understands that a baby is coming and can truly show their excitement.  Sloan cannot wait to help me take care of her brother.  She's constantly telling me what she's going to do for the baby and what things she'll be in charge of.  Phayre mimics Sloan's excitement and talks about the baby constantly, but I don't think she really understands that he's going to live with us and that she won't be the baby anymore!

While Sloan cannot wait to be my helper, Phayre is our little mama of the family.  You'll never find her without a baby under her arm.  She's constantly feeding and rocking her babies, it's one of my most favorite things about her.  I wanted to get the girls gifts from their baby brother because I want his birth to feel like a celebration and I want the girls to feel extra special on the day that they meet their brother!  I got the girls a few items to keep them busy while mama is nursing and taking care of baby, as well as some babydoll items so that they'll have something to take care of too.

I remember putting together Sloan's big sister gift right before Phayre was born.  That seriously feels like it was two weeks ago!!  She felt so special opening her presents in the hospital and when she had opened everything up, she kissed P and thanked her.  I cannot wait to have those moments again this time with baby brother and his TWO big sisters!

Here is what I got the girls, any of these items could be switched out the suit your child's interests:

-Diaper bag.  Sloan has been asking me for a diaper bag of her own for months, which has been funny because I've had one sitting in the closet waiting for brothers arrival for months!  I got the girls each a mini Fawn Design diaper bag.  I'll be totally honest-these were on the spendy side and I actually felt really guilty after buying two of them.  I felt much less guilty once they came and I saw just how adorable they are though ;).  They are SO cute and the quality is amazing, but any type of bag or backpack could work as a diaper bag for your little lady.
-Baby doll.  I got the girls each a boy baby doll.  Out of the 100 baby dolls living in our house, we do not have one boy baby doll!  I wanted the girls to have little boy babies to take care of while I take care of their brother.
-Baby doll care items.  I got each girl a little set with a bottle, diapers, and a few other little toy baby items.
-Swaddle blanket.  Another thing Sloan keeps asking for is her own swaddle blanket for her babies.  I got each girl a swaddle blanket so they can wrap their babies up.
-Hooray Everyday Necklaces.  My sweet friend Hana from Hooray Everyday made the girls the cutest blue wooly ball necklaces.  Sloan has decided that baby brothers favorite color is blue, so she'll love that brother is giving her a blue necklace.
-Disposable camera.  Sloan LOVES taking photos (she get it from her mama) so I got her a disposable camera.  I didn't get one for P because I just cannot see a two year old being able to use a disposable camera.  I did get her a little toy camera, I'm hoping she doesn't notice that hers and sisters cameras are different!
-Big sister books.  I got the girls You're Getting a Baby Brother and  How to Be a Baby... by Me, the Big Sister.
-Art supplies and workbooks.  I made up a little basket with a few new art supplies and a few preschool workbooks for Sloan.  I want them to have some fun new things to do while I'm busy with baby.
-I also threw in a lipgloss and a little container of mini m&m's for each girl just because they love those things :).

I had so much fun packing up these gifts for the girls.  I cannot wait for them to come to the hospital to meet their brother!!!!! Ahhh so soon!



Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Diaper Caddies // Nesting

I still remember being about 39 weeks pregnant with Sloan and putting together a little diaper caddy for our downstairs living room.  We lived in a two story house and while her nursery was stocked with diapers and wipes, I knew I'd need a place to store her things downstairs (since we'd be spending most of our time in the living room).  We had a little shelf under our coffee table and there sat the basket while we anxiously awaited her arrival!

I was so desperate to meet her and was in major nesting mode so I found myself creating a lot of projects like this :).  It was a good time killer for about twenty minutes while I put the basket together and it really did come in handy once she was (finally!) born.

I love having a little basket of baby's necessities in our common area.  It makes diaper changes more convenient, especially if you live in a multilevel home.  I had one ready and waiting before Phayre's arrival and just made one (actually two) for baby brother.  I usually put in all of the diaper changing essentials as well as any other newborn items that I'll need frequently.  These are just so handy, I always tell new moms to put together a little diaper caddy and keep it wherever you spend the most time.  I've also given these as shower gifts, they're just so useful!

I got these little canvas baskets at Target for $5 each.  I decided to make two baskets so that we'd have one in our living room downstairs and one in our master bedroom since thats where brother will sleep for the first few months.  I filled each basket with the diaper changing essentials: diapers, wipes, diaper cream, a diaper cream applicator (this must be a new thing?  I've never used one of these, but got one as a gift!), and a Gathre changing mat.  I love the Gathre changing mats because they fold up so small and are super easy to clean.

You can also throw in newborn essentials like face wipes, finger nail clippers, hand sanitizer, and post circumcision care.  I also throw in a jar of nipple butter for myself, I like to have that nearby at all times in the beginning.

So easy and it just makes the 3964 diaper changes a day so much more convenient!  So if you find yourself very pregnant and nesting like crazy, take 20 minutes and put together a diaper caddy.  It will be useful, I promise!



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

#THEMOMBLOGCOLLECTIVE // How to build your online community and establish your brand

As of about ten minutes ago this post had no photos.  Thanks Sloan for "geckerating" (decorating) your room and looking so cute :).

I touched on this in my last #themomblogcollective post, but I really do believe that a successful blog becomes a brand.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to create a blog, but it does take a strategic plan to create a brand.  Honing in on your focus is key when creating your brand.  Once you've done this, it's time to get your blog in front of people!  Gaining a loyal following and creating an online community can take time, but with patience it's definitely possible!

I shared before about how my blog got a much different start than most.  I worked so hard to grow a loyal Instagram following for my handmade shop.  When I decided to close my shop and start a blog, I already had a decent sized social media following.  I grew my following by hosting giveaways (giving away my product), collaborating with other brands, and by having my product tagged by social media influencers.  My following wasn't invested in my life though (they were there for the bracelets!).  It took time and patience to get my followers invested in my life and blog, but eventually people came around!

In one sentence I would say that my blog (and my brand) has evolved into a space where I share about my adventures in marriage, motherhood, and creating a beautiful home.  I do this by sharing our real life experiences, my triumphs and failures in motherhood, products and processes we love, and room tours of our home.  When I first started sharing more from my personal life, my engagement was so low.  I really wanted to share and connect with other mothers though so I just kept on doing my thing.  I tried to be real and raw and over time people bought in and became engaged on my blog and Instagram feed.

Instagram has been the best marketing tool for my blog.  In the last year I have focused on growing my Instagram following and this has directly impacted my blog.  To grow your social media following organically, I cannot stress this enough... be yourself!  Be inspired by others, but at the end of the day-be yourself.  When you do you, people will notice and become engaged.  Authenticity and original content draw people in.  Focus on being the best version of yourself and sharing in a way that is real and honest.

Some other things I have done to grow my Instagram following and build my online community:

-I always tag the products I use in my photos.  From the girls dresses to a sippy cup, I tag the brand.  I do this mostly so that my followers know where I got the product, but also because it is beneficial to me when a brand reposts my photo.  Every time a brand reposts one of my photos to their followers, I gain at least a handful of new followers.  Those handfuls add up!
-I often do giveaways with brands that fit within my focus and style.  Having my followers tag their friends is a great way to gain followers.  It is also really beneficial for me if the brand posts about the giveaway and sends their followers my way to enter.
-I believe it's beneficial to use appropriate hashtags.  If you're sharing about your daughters bedroom, look up which nursery or big girl room hashtags are commonly used and add them to your post.

Those are just a few ways that have helped me grow my following.  I have found that there are two ways that have helped me best engage my audience and build my online community though.  First (and I know I already said this!), be yourself and be honest.  People can sense authenticity and are drawn to it.  Let's be real-everyone copies everyone on Instagram.  Be inspired by others and dang it, if you love those purple bowls that your favorite blogger posted about-you buy those purple bowls!  But in your captions and posts, be genuine and convey your authentic thoughts.  Be raw and real and share about things that are important to you (and not just popular).

The other thing I have done to help build my online community is to be as responsive as possible with my followers (when time will allow!).  I always try to answer questions and comments on my Instagram posts and respond to DM's.  My goal is to connect with other mothers so I want to get to know my followers!  When they feel a connection with me, they buy in and become a loyal follower.  This is why Instagram feels like a community to me, I have made so many incredible connections with other women and mothers!  I also try to comment and connect with other bloggers and women on social media.  It may be a big one, but I do treat Instagram like a community.

A successful brand has customers.  Think of your blog readers or your social media followers like your customers.  It's important that people can find you, are interested in you, and feel some type of connection with you.  This way they'll keep coming back for more!

I hope this post has been helpful!  Please let me know in a comment below if you have additional questions!  I'll be back in two weeks with another #TheMomBlogCollective post and make sure you check out all of the other posts on this topic by some of my fave mamas (see below)!



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Monday, August 14, 2017

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas // How to stay on budget and create a beautiful space with Walmart

I partnered with Walmart on this post, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog and my family!

It's no secret that I love designing my kiddos bedrooms.  I put so much thought and love into their rooms because I want them to feel comfortable and happy when they're in there.  I tend to have pretty eclectic taste.  I love mixing forever pieces with more budget friendly (and sometimes trendy) pieces and handmade pieces.  My main goal in all of my kids bedrooms is to create a space that is appropriate for them right now, but is also a space that they can grow in to.  Kiddos just grow and change so fast!

I've gotten so many nursery design questions since becoming pregnant with baby brother.  I am so excited to have partnered with Walmart to create a budget friendly gender neutral nursery.  Walmart has a ton of nursery items on their website, most of which are so reasonably priced.  I love that you can grab all of your baby gear items and nursery necessities in one place!  Add a little pink or blue and this nursery would be perfect for any baby.  I chose pieces that can easily be passed down to younger siblings, regardless of their gender.  I also included a few handmade pieces as I think those always add a really personalized touch to any room.

When designing a nursery, I think it's easiest to start with the crib, dresser/changing table, and glider.  I absolutely love this gender neutral crib from Walmart, especially because it has a matching changing table.  Finding a stylish, but more importantly a comfortable glider is so important!  I spend a lot of time nursing my babes in the glider so I like to have a floor lamp and a small side table nearby.  It's nice to have a table next to you for your water or morning coffee.

When designing your baby's space, start with the big furniture items and then decide on your color pallet and decor items.  I usually choose 2-3 colors and choose fabrics and decor from there.  I'm not a huge fan of themed nurseries, mostly because I think I'd get tired of the theme.  I prefer choosing a color pallet and a few coordinating fabrics (I love mixing a few fabric prints!).  Once you've chosen your big furniture pieces, start looking for other coordinating decor items like lamps, storage baskets, and a rug.

I love finding a good rug at a decent price and this diamond rug definitely fits the bill.  I love that you could use this rug in any room of your home!  I have simple baskets in each of my kids rooms to house their blankets, stuffed animals, and small toys.  Blankets are so pretty, I love rolling them up and displaying them in baskets.  I love these simple wicker baskets and think they'd be perfect in a nursery.  I also love this white pom pillow and this fake fiddle leaf fig plant.  Plants in bedrooms are so pretty, but if you're like me and have a black thumb-fake is the way to go!

I went with custom linen sheets from Madly Wish and I absolutely love them.  If you're sticking with a gender neutral theme, checkout the earth and lake crib sheets.  If you know what you're having and are looking for something more feminine or masculine, checkout the petal or cobalt crib sheets.  They're so pretty!  I hung an art piece from The Graced House above baby brothers crib, they have a ton of great pieces!  I love to soften a baby's room with stuffed animals and love the ones from Cuddle and Kind (plus every doll purchased provides 10 meals to children in need).  A few other nursery items I love are this moses basket and this cozy baby blanket.

I hope this post inspires you when you're designing your little ones space!  You don't have to spend a fortune when creating your baby's nursery, there are so many wallet friendly pieces available!  Check out Walmart if you're designing a space on a budget, there is so much to choose from!



Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday babes!  This is the very last Friday that I will be a mother of two!  Woo hoo, cummon baby brother!  My induction is scheduled for next Thursday, so I will have a baby boy in my arms by next Friday.  I am so excited and just so so ready to meet my sweet boy!

Before life gets a little (a lot) crazier, I wanted to share a few of my current favorites!

I updated our playroom tour post, but I wanted to leave a link here too... I found the girls play kitchen in white FINALLY!!  It has been sold out for about eight months, but I found more!  Go snag one before they sell out again!

The girls and I did some back to school shopping this week and I wanted to share some of my finds!  Sloan picked out a long sleeve chambray dress and a darling heart print dress and I seriously love them both (I mostly love that Sloany chose them!).  We also stocked up on basic cardigans, tights, and our favorite leggings.
I let Sloan pick out a pair of shoes for school, they'll be perfect with dresses and tights.  She chose the girliest, biggest bow shoes she could find!  They only had them in Sloan's size and Phayre had a pretty epic tantrum when she found out she wasn't taking a pair home.  That was super fun in the middle of the mall!
Sloan will be taking her little pink backpack back to school with her (it's sold out, but this one is almost the same and is the same brand).  She's already started filling it with important things she needs to take to school with her like lip gloss, rocks, and legos.

Speaking of backpacks, I get asked all the time about which diaper bag is best as a backpack.  I just got the new Skip Hop backpack style diaper bag and I loooooove it.  The dusty rose color is so pretty and it's so comfortable to wear as a backpack.  If you're looking for a backpack style bag, I highly recommend!

I have been eyeing the custom name signs from The Trendy Timber forever and I finally snagged a few!  I put one above P's bed and one in baby brothers room.  I hope to share baby brothers room in the next week or two!  (you can see P's room tour here)

I pulled out my favorite  lactation cookie recipe and I plan on making them this weekend and freezing them.  I kind of can't believe I'll have a tiny newborn to nurse so soon! 

We tried this  lemon balsamic pasta salad last week and it was sooooo good.  We added grilled corn to the salad and it was amaze!  I'm such a sucker for pasta salads in the summer :).

That's all I have for now babes!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


Marisa :)

Monday, August 7, 2017

What's In My Hospital Bag

I have a doctors appointment today and I not so secretly hope my doctor will tell me that things are progressing "down there".  My scheduled induction is in ten days, but I wouldn't be mad if brother came a little sooner on his own!  Since he will be here so soon, I finally packed our hospital bags last weekend.  I looooooove packing mine and baby's hospital bag, it's just so special preparing for baby's arrival!  I feel like I packed my bags two weeks ago to have Sloan and like two days ago to have Phayre, where is time going?!

Anyways, I wanted to share what is in our hospital bags!  Now that I've done this three times, I feel like I'm prepared for everything without overpacking.

What's in my bag:
I just got a new weekender tote that I packed my hospital items in and I love it, it's so cute and the perfect size.

Clothing: Cozy, loose, and nursing friendly clothing are my jam in the hospital.  I always bring a nursing bra, a couple nursing tanks, comfortable yoga pants/capris, a robe, a sweater, pajamas, socks, and some postpartum panties.  Once baby arrives, I usually wear a nursing tank, yoga pants, and a sweater.  It's comfortable and I feel put together enough when visitors come to see baby.  I always bring nursing friendly pajamas and a robe to sleep in while in the hospital (I'm bringing this nursing tank and shorts set and my favorite robe this time around).  I also always pack flip flops and slippers (I've also had summer babies, probably why I've always worn flip flops!).

I also ALWAYS bring a pair of postpartum panties to wear home.  I buy several pairs and wear these for a few months after baby is born.  They help hold your tummy in and smooth everything out under your clothing.  I recommend these to everyone-definitely try them!!  I also bring my belly bandit post pregnancy wrap, I like to wear it home under my clothing.

Breastfeeding essentials: I always bring my own nipple cream, nursing cover, and nursing pillow.  It's nice to have a cover when visitors are coming in and out and I love using my boppy as a nursing pillow.  Those are what I bring to the hospital, check out my full list of breastfeeding essentials here!

Toiletries: I pack travel size toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, face wash, deodorant, etc.) along with my make up and hair tools (make sure you have hair ties!).  It feels so good to shower, blow dry your hair, and put a little makeup on after giving birth.  I don't spend a ton of time getting ready in the hospital, but even minimal effort makes you feel human after giving birth!  I also always pack makeup removing face wipes... I was in labor for about a day with Sloan and once I had gotten my epidural I couldn't wash my face, but I felt so gross!  It was so nice to be able to freshen up my face using the face wipes.

Technology:  I pack my laptop and camera and their chargers.  I also always bring an extra long phone charger (I bought mine on Amazon) because there is never an outlet close to the hospital bed!

What's in baby's bag:
I bring baby's stuff in my diaper bag.  The hospital will have pretty much everything baby will need, but I do like to bring a few of my own things for baby.  The hospital will supply you with basic toiletries, diaper, and wipes.  They'll even have a blanket and onesie for baby, but I always bring my own blankets and clothing!

Clothing: I always bring baby a simple gown, footie pajama, and their going home outfit.  I also pack a few hats or bows and mittens so that they don't scratch themselves.

Comfort items: I pack a few swaddle blankets, a pacifier, and a burp cloth or two.  My favorite swaddle blankets are from Aden and Anais, KB Cute designs, Madly Wish, and Max and Moose.  I love Witts End Design burp cloths.  I also throw in baby nail clippers, their nails can be really long at birth!

Think about bringing a cute photo prop (maybe something with baby's name or a letter board to display their birth stats) to use in baby's first photo!  Also, if you plan on using a baby book, bring it with you and try to record a few thoughts and memories while you're in the hospital.  I chose the Early Years baby book by AMK Designs Shop for baby brother.

What's in dad's bag:
Clothing: Pack dad two or three outfits (don't forget his socks and underwear!).  Eric usually just wears gym clothes so that he's comfortable.  The hospital can get a little chilly so make sure he packs a jacket or sweater.

Toiletries and comfort items: Pack travel size toiletries for dad as well.  You'll also want to pack a pillow and blanket for dad.  While there is a "bed" for him to sleep in, there aren't usually many linens for dad.

Technology: Bring dad's phone charger along with his laptop and camera if he uses his own and won't be using yours.

A few other things to think about as you prepare:
-We usually install baby's carseat in our car around 38 weeks, just in case!

-I always get my hair done, a manicure, and a pedicure one to two weeks before my due date.  These are things that will be more challenging to do once baby arrives and you want to feel your best when you give birth!

-I've been induced with all of my babies, so I've always had time to prepare before leaving for the hospital!  I always make sure the house is picked up, beds are made, and all of the essentials are in the fridge before we go.  Coming home with a newborn can feel a little overwhelming, it's nice to come home to a clean house and fresh sheets!

-Prepare gifts for older siblings.  If you plan on giving older siblings a gift from the baby, do that in advance and have it ready to go a few weeks before baby is due.  You may also want to think about anything you might need to prepare for your older children's caregiver while you're away.

-Purchase nursing and postpartum essentials before baby comes and have them ready and waiting for you at home.  See my full list of breastfeeding essentials here!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Brown Bumpdate / 37 Weeks

Photos by  Lindsey Wiatt Photography  /  My dress and flower crown c/o  Sew Trendy Accessories  /  Girls outfits c/o  The Little Design Co.  /  Sloan's bow c/o  Zozu Baby  /  P's lace headband by  Willow Crowns

We are in the home stretch folks!!!  According to the calendar, I am 37 weeks pregnant.  I'm pretty sure I might actually be like 59 weeks pregnant though because I have NEVER felt quite this pregnant.  My induction is scheduled for August 17th (in exactly two weeks!), but I am so hopeful baby boy will decide to come sooner on his own.  The plan is to go in on the evening of the 17th to start my induction in hopes of baby brother making his appearance on the 18th.  I'll be honest, two weeks has never felt so far away!  I am anxious to meet my sweet boy and I am really ready to no longer be pregnant!  So hopefully all these Braxton Hicks contractions turn into something and baby brother comes sooner on his own!

The girls are about as anxious as I am to meet their brother!  I walked into Phayre's bedroom this morning and the first thing she said was, "Mama!  Mama!  When baby bruzzer comin' meet me???"  I told her soon and she kept asking me, "but whhhhhhhen mama?"  Sloan LOVES doing anything to help me prepare for baby brother (folding clothes, putting things away, etc.) and tells me all the things she's going to help me with once he's here.  She cannot wait to change his diapers and says her brother would never pee on her.  We'll see about that sister bear :)!

3 7  w e e k  b u m p d a t e

Due date: My induction is scheduled for August 17th!

How far along: 37 weeks

How many days to go: 14 days!!!

Gender: BOY!

Size of the baby: According to the internet... baby boy is about 6.5 pounds, 19 inches long, and the size of a swiss chard.  He feels much bigger than 6.5 pounds though, he feels like a big boy!

Movement:  I can tell he's getting a little cramped in there, his movements feel more like rolls rather than swift kicks.  He still moves a ton and makes my entire belly move around.  Eric and I lay in bed at night and watch him move my belly all over the place.  It's so crazy how big his movements are!  He is head down and loves putting his head right on my pelvic bone, it hurts so bad and makes it hard to walk... that is definitely not something I'll miss!

Total weight gain so far: 37 pounds.

Most recent doctor appointment: I had a doctors appointment last week and we got to see baby brother in our very last ultrasound.  I was so happy that Eric met me and the girls at my appointment, it was so special for all of us to see him!  My doctor confirmed he is head down and he moved around like crazy.  We saw his man parts and Sloan has not stopped talking about it.  I can only imagine the questions she's going to have once he's here!  My doctor said that he does look like a big boy, but that I have a lot of amniotic fluid so that helps explain why my belly has been measuring so big.  She originally said she thought he'd be between eight and nine pounds, but is now saying closer to eight pounds.  The girls were such small newborns, I can't wait to see if this little guy is in a different weight class!

I had another appointment two days ago and my doctor was out of town so I saw a midwife.  I was having some Braxton Hicks contractions and really bad back pain while I was there so she decided not to check my cervix.  She said she didn't want to get things moving down there by checking me and I was like ARE YOU SURE?!  I had Phayre with me and she lifted P onto the table and let her help measure my belly and find brothers heartbeat.  P felt so incredibly special and smiled so big.  When we were walking out, Phayre grabbed my hand and said, "Mama, she special doctor!"  I thought my heart might burst, it was just such a sweet appointment and I don't ever want to forget how sweet P was and how special she felt.

Belly button in or out: Out, so far out.

Favorite maternity clothes right now: My belly button is sooooo sensitive so anything tight is out.  Lots of loose tank tops and yoga pants.  I just got these lounge pants and have been living in them.  They'll be perfect for after baby too!

Stretch marks: No new ones... yet!  Crossing my fingers for these last two weeks.

Sleep: Ugh sleep is a sore subject.  I can't fall asleep or stay asleep at night and I am exhausted during the day.  I've been taking naps when both the girls nap and I can still barely make it to dinner time.  I'm tired and sleep sucks... just getting ready to have a newborn again I guess!

Mood: If you've been pregnant before, you know the last few weeks of pregnancy are pretty rough.  I have been super anxious and super super emotional.  I cry over everything.  I cry because Eric is at work and I miss him.  I cry because the girls are growing too quickly (P turning two last weekend was hard on me!  I also had a really hard time with Sloan going to gymnastics camp).  I cry because the girls are so excited about their brother and say the sweetest things.  I cry because I'm tired of being pregnant and I want to meet my baby.  I cry because my body hurts, but I feel so blessed to be carrying a healthy baby.  I cry because I'm anxious about life changing.  I cry because I'm so damn tired!  Basically I cry, A LOT!  Happy things and sad things, they all make me cry.  Eric usually just hugs me and laughs it off.  Poor guy, I'm so freaking hormonal :).

Honestly I go back and forth between feeling so anxious to meet my baby and scared of life changing.  I'm mostly just excited tough.  It's a lot of emotions mixed with not enough sleep!

Food cravings: Lately I have my few staple cravings and nothing else sounds good.  I also have heartburn pretty much around the clock so that could be why!  I can't get enough ICE, otter pops, watermelon, strawberries, and french fries.

Favorite moment this week: The girls are obsessed with my belly.  They're constantly touching it and trying to feel brother move.  They've both started asking for lotion to rub on their bellies in the mornings when we're getting ready and it's like my favorite thing in the whole world.  We all stand in my bathroom and rub lotion all over my bellies.  Yesterday Sloan looked up at me and gave me the cutest scrunchy nosed smile and said, "I feel like a mommy!".  And guess what?  I thought it was so sweet, I CRIED.  Shocking right ;).

I'm missing: my ankles, which have been replaced by very very swollen cankles.

Biggest complaint: I feel like most of this post has been about my complaints so I can probably skip this question.  Sorry guys, I hate being such a complainer!  I'm just uncomfortable and want to meet my baby so bad!!!

Recent baby purchase: I just bought a sling for baby boy and I cannot wait to use it.  I've always used a wrap so I'm super excited to try the sling.  I also ordered a sign with brothers name on it from The Trendy Timber for his nursery.

Nursery: The nursery is officially done!  I need to get my bum in gear and photograph it so that I can share with you guys!

Labor signs: Lots and lots of random Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing close together or regular.

Cummon baby brother, we're so excited to meet you!!!


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