Friday, July 27, 2018

The Girls Shared Room

I'm so excited to finally share photos and details of the girls shared room!  The girls have been asking to share a room for several months and we kept saying no because we were so afraid they wouldn't sleep well together!  Plus it just seemed silly to put them in the same room when we have enough rooms for each of the kids.  To our surprise, they've done really well and are loving sharing a space.  When I rock Briar to sleep at night I can hear them chatting before they fall asleep and it's sooo cute :).

We decided to move Sloan into Phayre's room (you can see her room before, here!),  I love the pink floral wallpaper so much!  The room isn't super big, but the girls keep their toys downstairs in the playroom so they don't really need a huge bedroom.  Right now Sloan's old room still looks like her room and when she occasionally needs a nap she'll nap in there, but I think eventually I'll make that into a guest room slash office (I would love to have an office again!!).  Scroll to the very bottom for sources!  If I miss anything, let me know in a comment below!

Without further ado, the girls shared room!

Paint color is heirloom pink by Glidden (purchased at Home Depot)



Paint color: heirloom pink by Glidden  /  Peel and stick floral wallpaper c/o  B Darling Decor  /  White wood beds  /  Mattresses c/o  Lull  /  Cream ruffle comforter  /  Pale pink quilts (folded at the end of the bed)  /  Polka dot sheets c/o Linens and Hutch (they're "gray")  /  Liberty of London floral pillowcases  /  Swiss dot shams  /  Knitted pillows ( rainbow and sun) and dolls c/o  Blabla Kids  /  Nightstand, old and no longer available  /  Wooden rainbow stacker (on nightstand)  /  Custom name rounds above beds c/o  Knox and Navy  /  Swan c/o  Whimsey Wonderland  /  Curtains  /  Apple of my eye artwork c/o  Sugarboo  /  Wire hanging basket on wall, old and no longer available  /  Dresser  /  Tiered wire basket (holding bows)  /  Painted globe, old and no longer available  /  Acrylic frame c/o  Highland Hardware  /  Hanging cloud (above dresser) c/o  Baby Jives  /  Mirror from ikea  /  Rug, old and no longer available  

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks 2018

I didn't plan on doing a post for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but after shopping the sale last night there were too many good deals not to share!  I got myself and Eric a few things, but mostly bought the girls some new school clothes!  I wasn't super impressed with the baby boy stuff, but I don't buy many of Briar's clothes at Nordstrom anyways.  You can only shop the sale right now if you have a Nordstrom card.  If you don't have a Nordstrom card, I highly recommend it (there are so many perks!!).  The sale opens to everyone else on July 19th!

My lists are pretty short and sweet, but it's all really good stuff!  A few favorites for the girls are this underwear (I buy a few sets every year during the sale), this sweater, these pajamas, and this jacket!

A few favorites for myself are these jeans, these yoga pants, this long sleeve tee (I ordered it in three colors!), this sweater, and these running shoes!

If you're in the market for a Dockatot, now is the time to snag one!!

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