Friday, June 16, 2017

Fourth of July Favorites!

Happy Friday babes and happy Father's Day weekend!  We have a low key weekend planned.  A few house projects, movie night (which will most likely end up in a living room campout), a birthday party, and of course lots of spoiling and kisses for Dada on Sunday!

I thought I'd share some Fourth of July outfit inspiration this Friday since the Fourth is in less than three weeks!  I love love love Fourth of July.  Obviously I love celebrating our country and our freedoms, but the darling red, white, and blue outfits, fireworks, smores (and cakes and pies) don't hurt either!  The Fourth will be the last holiday we celebrate as a family of four!  It was also the last holiday we celebrated as a family of three before Phayre was born (her birthday is July 30th).  This fact has me feeling super emotional!  I want to hold and kiss my baby boy SO badly (ahh the anxiousness!), but I'm also a little scared of our life changing.  Buuuuuut that's for another time and another (very lengthy) post!

Back to the Fourth and some darling outfit inspiration for the littles (because I know, I know that's why you're here!).

It's no secret that I love occasional dressing.  Gimme a good theme and I will run with it!  I also love getting a lot of use out of the girls clothing, so I don't usually buy things that are too themey (yep, that's a word).  For the Fourth, my girls will of course be wearing red, white, and blue, but you won't catch them in giant American flag tees :).

I love buying clothing that I know they can wear beyond the holiday and adding accessories to match the holiday or theme.  The girls are wearing bows and knee highs from Zozu Baby, felt flower headbands from Fancy Free Finery (check out the berry headbands!!), and necklaces from Hooray Everyday.

If you're trying to coordinate siblings (especially if they're different genders), make sure you check out June and January!  They have a ton of great mix and match styles for boys and girls!  They are releasing a bunch of goodies tonight at 9pm EST too (if I don't score play dresses for the girls I might cry ;)).

A few more Fourth of July Favorites:

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  1. Annnnnd I'm dying. Cutest clothes ever!!!! I want them all!


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