Thursday, December 15, 2016

Snow Day!

We've had a few snowfalls already this winter, but they never seem to stick!  While it's so magical to watch the snow fall outside of our windows, it's always more fun to get to play in it!  Yesterday it snowed buckets and by dinner time our neighborhood looked like a winter wonderland.  I half expected the snow to be melted by the time we woke up this morning, but to everyones excitement there was still tons of snow!!  We raced through breakfast and bundled up!  The girls played and played and Eric and I ran them up and down our hill in the sled.  I love snow days so much!!  Today has been so special, I know I'll remember it forever!

I put my COOL Mom pants on and let Sloan play in the snow in her Elsa dress.  She was running around saying, "I am Elsa the SNOW QUEEN!!!  Welcome to Arendelle!"  It was adorable and I love how special it made her feel!  P's favorite activity was shoveling her mouth full of snow!  We even ran the girls across the street to our neighborhood park and let the girls go down the snowy slides.  It was a blast :).

After P took a face first tumble into the snow we ran inside to warm up.  We laid all of our gloves and hats by the fireplace and watched countless Christmas movies while enjoying popcorn, homemade chocolate chips cookies, and hot cocoa (well iced coffee for me, you know I never ever drink hot coffee!).  See I told you, such a special day!

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  1. What a FUN day! It is so crazy seeing all your snow when we are swimming around our Summer in South Africa x


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