Monday, November 28, 2016

Men's Gift Guide

So excited for another gift guide!!  This time I'm focusing on the fella's.  Eric is always my hardest person to shop for, he never asks for anything!  I always try to get him things that he'll love, but also things that are practical.  I mean we all know Eric is cheap frugal, so practical gifts are always a plus :).  I rounded up some great mens gifts that are all Eric approved.  He wanted to make sure that I told you guys that these sweatpants are the best sweatpants ever and that the men in your lives deserve them ;).  I hope you find something for that handsome fella in your life!




  1. The coffee mug is fantastic! I'm SO ordering one for my husband right now!

  2. I bought that mig for Lance for Christmas last year, because DUH 😜


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