Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib // Guava Family Review

Warmer days and summer vacations are on the horizon!  We've already had a few weekends away and have more trips planned this summer.  I love getting away as a family, I think it's important to change up our scenery and press the "reset" button every once in awhile.  As a mom, I'm always in charge of packing.  Packing for two kids is no joke.  I have to make sure nothing gets left behind and that everything fits into the two bags that Eric will let me bring!  Over-packer he is not and I am expected to abide by the same philosophy (sigh).

Kids come with a lot of stuff.  It's important to bring the essentials along with what will keep your baby comfortable.  A necessity for every trip is a travel crib.  In the past we've always brought a big clunky pack n' play.  They're so heavy, hard to set up, and I never feel like the girls are comfortable.  Well my friends, throw your clunky travel crib out and get yourself an everywhere crib!  I am so excited to share the Lotus everywhere travel crib by Guava Family with you today.  We've taken it on our last two trips and I am kicking myself for not getting it sooner!

The Lotus everywhere crib is incredibly light weight and folds up so small that you can wear it as a backpack (the carry case actually has backpack straps).  It's small enough that you could easily take it on an airplane as your carryon.  Setting it up takes under a minute, I'm serious it's that easy!  It has breathable mesh sides and a zippered side door.  It zips all the way down so that Sloan (or me!) can crawl in and play with Phayre.  And of course it's tested for safety and is completely non toxic.  Do I sound excited??  Well I am, I seriously love this baby gear item!

We all know vacation sleep can suck when you have kids.  Both of my girls sleep through the night, but when we go on vacation it's like they forget how to sleep.  I bring their favorite blankets, sound machine, and try to make them as comfortable as possible, but it never fails-they wake up all through the night and are up for the day with the sun. On our last weekend away, we took the Lotus everywhere crib.  Phayre slept through the night and actually slept in!  She was comfortable and safe and slept so well.  I think it's because there isn't a hard bottom, the bottom of the lotus crib sits on the floor and has a soft pad.

So obviously our lotus crib will be traveling everywhere with us this summer, but I also plan to use it when we're outdoors or at friends houses (now that P is mobile, I need ways to corral her ;)).  I plan on purchasing the fun shade so that P can play in it while we're outside.  The mattress is comfortable enough for sleep, but the crib can also be used as a safe play area.  A crib sheet is also included so you don't have to buy one separately, I thought that was great feature.

I am so excited to take our Lotus everywhere travel crib on all of our adventures this summer!  It is one of my favorite baby gear items, I so highly recommend it.  I will definitely be adding this product to my baby's first year must haves.  If you have summer trips planned, don't make the mistake of not bringing a lotus everywhere crib!  You can thank me later :).

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