Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Adventures

How is it already Monday again?  This past weekend flew by (they all seem to do that lately).  Eric has a huge meeting today so he had to go in to work for a few hours on Saturday and most of the day Sunday.  Dada working on the weekend is the worst, but luckily the girls were really good and we mixed some fun outings in.

Saturday morning Sloan had her first swim lesson of this year.  She's been taking swim lessons for more than a year now and loves it.  I finally talked two of my girlfriends into signing their kids up so it was much more social for mama!  She had a blast splashing around the pool and finally doesn't mind putting her head under water.  After swim I took the girls home for lunch and naps while Eric went into work for the afternoon.  The girls took amazing naps and at the same time (hallelujah!).

Once the girls were up and Eric was home, we headed out to Bridgeport Village to do a little shopping.  Ahh and this is where our first bathroom adventure took place (oh just wait, I have two stories for you!).  If you're a parent, you'll totally get this... and if you're not I'm really sorry for all the potty talk, but this is what parents do.  We talk about poop.  Regularly.

Anyways... We were walking through Crate and Barrel and I told Sloan that I wanted her to come to the bathroom with me.  The bathroom was packed so we had to wait in line for a few minutes.  Once we were in the stall, I helped Sloan go potty and then sat down to go myself.  I reached over the get some toilet paper and Sloan grabbed my hand to stop me.  She got this incredibly frustrated look on her face and yelled, "NO MOMMY, YOU DON'T WIPE YOUR GG!!! I WIPE YOUR GG FOR YOU!!!"  Did I mention the bathroom was packed?  Oh and Sloan calls her vagina a "GG".  I very quietly explained that she could not wipe Mommy and that I needed to wipe myself.  The girl lost her damn mind.  She started screaming and crying (on repeat), "NOOOOO SONNY DO IT!  SONNY WIPE MOMMY'S GG!!!"  I had to hold her little fist full of toilet paper away and quickly get my pants up.  Then I drug her screaming little body out of the stall and all of the other women in the bathroom were cracking up.  I just gave a half smile and put my head down while I washed our hands as fast as I possibly could.  Hashtag mom life.

Sloan was able to recover from the bathroom mishap and so we finished our shopping and met some good friends for dinner.  Go figure, she was a perfect angel at dinner.  Toddlers are cray I tell you.

Eric had to work most of the day Sunday so the girls and I had a slow morning.  We rolled around in bed and read books for a few hours.  I finally got all three of us dressed and headed out to run some errands.  After our errands I decided to stop and get us some lunch.  As we sat there just the three of us Sloan said, "Mommy, I had a wonderful dream!"  I matched her enthusiasm and asked her what the dream was about.  She said, "I was twirling at dance class!  It was so fun, I love it!"  OMG she is so cute and acting way too grown up these days!

Such a big girl!

Phayre was sitting on my lap during lunch and half way through our meal she began pooping.  Within seconds I could see that it was a blowout and seeping down both of her legs.  I jumped up and quickly drug the baby, toddler, carseat, and diaper bag into the bathroom.  There wasn't a changing pad in the bathroom (seriously Chipotle, you suck), so I had to lay a blanket down and change P on the concrete floor.  If you've ever seen a breastfed baby's poop, you know it is not at all solid.  There was poop everywhere!  As I started to clean wipe her up, Sloan started whining.  I turned around and she was REACHING INTO THE TOILET trying to fish out her little finger puppet that had flipped off of her finger and into the toilet.  I was literally tripping over myself trying to get to her as fast as I could.  I told her that yucky germs were crawling all over her toy and if we touched the toy it would make us really sick.  That didn't work, so I promised to buy her a new toy if we could leave it there.  She immediately said, "I can get a new Palace Pet toy?"  Sure kid, whatever you want!  Then I scrubbed her hands and basically bathed her in hand sanitizer.  Crisis averted... right?


I turned back around to finish changing Phayre's diaper and she had pulled the diaper up onto her tummy and covered herself in shit.  I mean poop, sorry.  I won't even go into more detail, I'm sure you can imagine how awful it was.  You guys, sometimes I wonder why I even leave the house.  We are literally a traveling shit show.

In other (less disgusting) news, we are currently obsessed with using a condiment dispenser (like for ketchup or mustard) to write things with pancake batter!  Sloan thinks its amazing and will eat a ton of breakfast if I do it this way!

We also made this amazing baked honey garlic chicken over the weekend!  Seriously my new favorite chicken dish!  Make sure you're following me on Pinterest so you see the recipe!  You can find me @sloanandcoshop and it's under 'Good Eats'!

Outside of our two bathroom adventures, it was actually a great weekend!  I missed Eric like crazy, but I got to spend a lot of quality time with my girls.  This whole mom thing can be tough, but last night when I put both my babies to bed, I felt so overwhelmed by how much I love them and how lucky I am to be there mama.  Alright now lets get through this week so we can have more adventures next weekend!




  1. This is hilarious! I can totally relate!

  2. STOOOPPP. That literally made me laugh out loud! (which then made the sleeping babe stir. oops) Keep this fabulous blog going!


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