Monday, January 4, 2016

Minbie Bottles // Product Review

I feel so lucky that breast feeding is going so well for Phayre and I.  She is five months old and exclusively breast fed; I'm really proud of that!  BUT, let's be honest... I wouldn't mind having the hubs help with a feeding here or there (especially those that happen in the middle of the night... thank you four month sleep regression).

Theres the old saying, "if it aint broke, don't fix it."  Well, that's sort of how I've gone about breast feeding.  Nursing is going so well, I haven't felt the need to pump and feed Phayre from a bottle.  This also makes it very hard for me to be away from my little Phayre Bear.  Like ever.  I love her to death, but let's be honest... she's my little ball and chain.  A very very cute ball and chain I might add :).  At some point I know a bottle is going to be necessary though.  Hello, we NEED a date night!

This week we tried the Minbie bottle with Phayre and she took it no problem!  I mean girl never misses a meal so I wasn't terribly nervous, but she didn't even think twice and latched right on!  She didn't have any issue breast feeding after she had taken the bottle which was my number one concern when offering her a bottle. Looks like this mama just gained a little freedom.  Ok at least a date night!!

Eric really enjoyed feeding her and now Sloan asks constantly if she can feed her baby sister!


The Minbie has won several design awards and is made to ease the transition between breast and bottle.  Perfect for someone like me who wants to feed my baby with both.  Minbie bottles promote the all-important instinctive breastfeeding technique, so the experience is smoother and less confusing for your baby.  Bottom line, you don't have to worry about them refusing the breast after drinking from a bottle!  I chose the glass bottle and it's also really comfortable for the parent to hold.

Minbie is Australian designed and owned, but they have a distribution center in the US so you can order online and get your bottles pretty quickly!

You can visit their website here.  Also, check out their social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.



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