Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bringing baby boy home // The Cybex Cloud Q Infant Carseat

I partnered with Cybex on this post.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own!

I may be a (almost!) mom to three, but that doesn't mean I'm pulling out the mom jeans just yet!  Style and aesthetic are still as important as ever to me-especially when it comes to baby gear.  Obviously safety and functionality are my top priority, but bonus if the items are aesthetically pleasing.  I recently found the Cybex Cloud Q infant carseat and was instantly drawn to it because of it's sleek design.

Cybex creates carseats, strollers, and baby carriers that are designed for urban lifestyles, ideal for families on the go.  They have the highest standards in safety and are designed and engineered in Germany.  While their products are safe and made of the highest quality, the designs are innovative and truly beautiful.  I am so excited about our new Cloud Q infant carseat and I can't wait to tell you guys why.

Eric and I decided we each want to have an infant carseat in our cars (switching over three carseats is way too big of a pain and we prefer to take his car out on the weekends).  Our priorities were different when it came to an infant carseat though.  After safety and functionality, I wanted a carseat that would match my style and look nice in my car and while I'm carrying it out and about.  I wanted a carseat that is really plush, a comfortable space where baby can rest comfortably and safely.  I also wanted to make sure that our infant carseat could click onto our double stroller (which the Cloud Q can!).  I was so excited to find the Cloud Q because it checked every item off my list of must haves.

As with all Cybex products, the Cloud Q meets the highest safety standards.  The carseat offers telescopic linear side-impact protection and an energy absorbing shell to help absorb force if the carseat was ever involved in an accident.  There is also a five point harness and an 11 position height adjustable headrest.

My favorite feature that the Cloud Q offers is the ergonomic design with full recline position for when outside of the car.  This is perfect for when baby is taking a snooze on the go.  With a longer leg rest and full recline position, baby can rest comfortably in a safer position (the reclined position reduces baby's risk of suffocation while snoozing in their carseat).  You can easily adjust your baby's recline angle with one hand while they're still in the carseat.  I haven't ever seen a carseat do this, I was so impressed by this feature.

I also love the Cloud Q's large sunshade.  It is UPV 50+, perfect for my summer baby.  But what I love even more about it is that it folds into itself and doesn't hang off of the back of the carseat when it's not in use.  This feature adds to the carseats great overall look and design.  It covers a good portion of the baby, making it an ideal shield against sun, wind, and rain.

Overall, I just love this carseat and walking past it everyday in our hallway is making me even more excited for baby brothers arrival (which is so soon!).  I chose the Cloud Q Plus in Manhattan grey and I absolutely love the fabric (It has a really cool denim texture to it).  It fits right within my style and I know baby boy will be super comfortable.  If you're looking for an infant carseat, I highly recommend checking out the Cybex Cloud Q.  You can learn lot's more about this carseat here.

But seriously guys, I am just so excited for baby boys arrival!!  Every time I look at our carseat I think, "Oh my gosh my baby will come home in this carseat!"  The girls are absolutely obsessed with this carseat.  They're constantly fighting over who gets to put their baby in it... or who gets to sit in it.  I crack up evertime they sit in it because they look massive :).   Eeeep just so excited :).


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  2. which double stroller do you have that the carseat clicks onto? I love the recline feature! have never seen or heard of this before

    1. I have the Uppababy Vista! The carseat clicks in with the Maxi Cosi carseat adapters!

    2. that's what I have! now I want this carseat 😭 even though I have Uppababy Messa

    3. Oh no!!! Maybe you need one carseat for your car and one for dads car?! ;)


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